Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hey guys,

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all those that have read my blog for the past year and a half!! Do keep reading at my new website:)

You read correctly, I am switching to my own domain because it's easier to remember and type. I will be moving to a brand spanking and nicely designed website with other interesting tidbits such as a gallery and contact section(for you guys to ask me any questions you may have!). started out as a means for my parents and friends to find out about what I am up to in Hawaii or anywhere in the world for that matter. Besides food and travel which I am fond of writing about, it has now grown of course to encompass other lifestyle stuff such as beauty, events, inspirational posts, and even charitable things I do. Besides how my blog has grown thanks to you readers, blogspot is beginning to be difficult to blog on. Thus, I have moved to.................

Do keep reading and commenting. See you at my new domain!!


P.S. All my previous posts will still be here though..

Monday, February 6, 2012

Damai Laut resort NOT up to par

 During the long CNY break, I manage to squeeze in some time for a holiday at Damai Laut resort near Lumut jetty. There are basically different travelers amongst all of us as you may know. Hence, the saying that "not all people can travel together even if you are good friends". Some of the categories can go from being the...

1. Person who loves luxury

A person who travels in style, and emphasizes beauty in where he/she lives. Nothing short of a 5-star hotel!