Friday, August 6, 2010

The power of a SMILE:)

What is a smile? Before I begin.....a smile is a facial expression formed by flexing the muscles near both ends of the mouth(Courtesy of Wikipedia). I am sure alot of you know that there is a difference between fake smiles and real ones right, and most of the time, the telling sign is through the eyes!!!!

As you can tell from my header, I am a proponent of smiles and laughter because to me, it signifies happiness, fun,etc...... Maybe it is the stress of work or traffic jams in KL, but I recently realized that many people don't smile much. Many people don't know the importance of smiling because they probably find it an effort to smile at others, or are just plain tired, or could be a dozen other reasons, but when you smile at someone...your face doesn't just light up which makes you feel alot better but you make the other person you are smiling at feel good inside too!

Here is a little story from what I observed and the power of what a smile can do:

There are security guards outside my house(every neighbourhood has one these days), and I always feel bad for them because they have 10-12 hour shifts seating under the hot sun opening and closing the road for vehicles that move in and out. Every morning before I go out of my housing area and when I come back, I would wave and smile at each and everyone of them. At first, they looked puzzled when I did that, possibly because no one has acknowledge them like that before(and they probably think I am crazy), but I kept it up for the past two months and I still do that. Now, when they see me, they smile and wave at me too........the best part is that they actually are more attentive and concern when I told them about problems around my housing area......

I guess to me, it is not how a person can help you or who a person is, but how I can make a person feel happier and acknowledged just by a simple gesture such as smiling. So everyone....start turning your frown upside down!Start the day with a smile, and maybe you can smile at someone who is providing you service, such as your tea lady, cleaners, even people on the streets...... because a smile from a stranger is so unexpected..I can bet might have just made their day a little better....:)

Their smiles definitely brighten up their faces(and they said they were tired!)
These guys were all smiles for their pink theme! I "happen" to just wear pink..they planned
Toothy grins to celebrate one of our closest friends birthdays!:)

     SMILE ALWAYS!!!!!!

A smile a day keeps the unhappiness away..................

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Anonymous said...

love this post!!! u r so rite!

thailand is just so wonderful bc its the land of smiles :).