Thursday, February 3, 2011

Future of Success Event by Youth World

Happy Happy Year of The Rabbit Everyone! May this year be a great year for all friends, family, and of course all your readers out there! It's hontesly great to be celebrating chinese new year after being away for 5 years!!!!!!

Of course...since chinese new year hasn't ended.... I will save my Chinese New year post for later....this long awaited post was a recent youth event which I emceed called Future of Success! To be honest, I was shocked to find out from the organizers(Youth World) that the sign up rate exceeded expectations, about 1300 13 to17 year olds attended the event and they were definitely ONE BIG FUN crowd!!! Holla to you guys!!!!! Compared to emceeing to adults......ho-hum...... sssssshhhhhhh

With Ms. Stable Lai, one of the co-founders of Youth World

I have to agree.... this was the most happening youth event of the year with so many enthusiastic and exuberant youths! Love it!:)

People starting to enter the hall... the atmosphere was hyped up by all our volunteers...thank you guys for starting it off great!

After much hyping up with shouts, and whistles... Team Awesome performed a routine and even got the crowd to participate in a cheer routine....and everyone did great..*thumbs up*

Introduction of the VIP's

Launching the Future of Success....hip hip hooray!

The first forum of the day which was hosted by Mr. Eddie(also one of the co-founders of Youth World).... two Asian youth Award winners shared with us what it takes to be successful.......

With two of the founders of CHARM(Malaysia's cheerleading association and Team Malaysia), one of them is a very close friende of mine, Yee Ming who with the help of a few others brought cheerleading to a whole new level in Malaysia..I can promise you...without them...cheerleading wouldn't be considered a sport in Malaysia! This was taken during the that time....I was astounded to meet so many great and successful people....breathtaking really...

The KL Champions in Taekwando led by Mr.Chong Jun Hong...From the first time I met them... I knew they weren't just martial art champions but they were creative too because they made skits out of Taekwando and could even!!!!

The second forum by Malaysia's Olympians! They all shared their stories on what they had to go through to be national athletes, such as Ms.Che Chew Chan had to take 8 panadols to compete even when she was injured....Preserverance and determination.

Amber Chia giving a talk on her rise to fame! I believe many students stayed just for this...

And of course...the fashion show....aspiring models from Amber Chia's academy...

Last performance by children from Rumah Pengasih

These children were sooo young..probably 3-4? They sang really well! Future Mariah Carey's and Jay-Z's in here..there was even rapping...astounding kids these days!

With Stable, Eddie, and Miracle after the event....all still looking good! I believe in their vision for youth development and the great work they are doing:) Keep it up!

A must after the event would be a group photo with the founders and volunteers! Thank you guys for being such a great sport! I give them a thumbs up for volunteering their time and effort to help the youth of today....they themselves being one!woot~

I am writing this post both as a spectator and an emcee for the event! I love emceeing to a receptive audience especially to youths because they were soooo full of energy. In between intervals, I also got to enjoy the event as a spectator and I believe that the Future of Success is a very good platform to not only meet people but learn about the many aspects of preparation to be successful when you grow older! I wish I had events like that when I was in high school...(Now, when I finally get to find one like that, so old di! Thank God I look young..can still pretend...teehee) However,  I would definitely say I managed to combine my love for communication with my passion for youth development through the Future of Success! Well....~crossing my fingers~ my talk show would be something along these lines in the future!!!


P.S. Can't wait for the next big Future of Success event! Heards it's going to be 10x bigger!


Anonymous said...

cant wait till fos event?

MalaysiaWills said...

Hi Mei Sze,

I "liked" the Malaysia Hottest Blogger facebook & got attracted by your link.

Then i clicked on it and spent 2 hours going thru what you wrote & your work, then, found your website & i must say it's a very very impressive site (videos and everything about you is soooo easy to find)

Keep up your great work ya ...
you are very talented *Emcee, Model, writing blogs, taking pix*

ps: I am a video blogger but not as experienced as you, just started 6 months ago ... wakakaka, my video blogs are at 2 places (this is my biz related blog which is more formal but non the less, my passion :P) (well, this is my passion & hobby blog)

Mei Sze said...

Annonymous: Yes I truly can't wait for the next future of success event!

Hi MalaysiaWills! Thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad you liked it:) I am not very experienced either but I love if your passion is video blogging, go for it and continue doing it!! Good luck!!!! I will check out both your blogs soon..hehehehe

Anonymous said...

miss chee chew chan was the one that took 8 pain killers before her competition and not miss khoo cai lin..please correct your post..thank you.

Mei Sze said...

Hi annonymous, I apologize for the misrepresentation of information. I have already changed it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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