Monday, July 18, 2011

Discovery at Menara Star!!

My recent trip to Menara Star where all business regarding our news published in the Star newspaper daily was a delight! Found many unexpected things in the lobby of the building itself. Yup, and I've decided to share it with all of you....

Not only was the interior of the lobby grand, I was actually greeted by friendly receptionists!!!! While waiting for a friend of mine and the reporter, me, being the nosy girl that I am decided to walk around a bit....Guess what I found??? A sort of "digital museum" of The Star newspaper!!!I am guessing people usually have to wait for someone at the lobby, and they decide to educate people about their newspaper through the museum?!?!

Their memorable journey plastered on the wall

A photo gallery of eventful happenings in Malaysia....I know...high tech!!

First in............

Did NOT know that they were associated with some of the best radio stations in Malaysia

Famous Chinese channel, 98.8

Red FM

Suria FM

The monitors displayed are actually touch screens where you can browse the news of today, as well as their online portals

The HUGE seating area where you can also watch the news from

Another feature I was impressed with was the fact that they had a scanner for identification cards of guests to the building...You only see that airports???

THe ID scanner with the STAR logo

My purpose of being there?

For an interview and shoot with The Star for Urban Chic!!!(Thanks Tim for the pics*winkz*)

Honestly, I wrote this post because I was surprise and enamoured by the fact that the newspaper which I have been reading since young is so established and COOL! I loved the fact that I actually learned about their history(NERD ALERT) and passed my time in a productive way while waiting.....and the best part, it was sooo unexpected to have the lil museum over there:)

You go STAR! And thank you Jastin(reporter) and Star Metro for featuring me! If you are interested to find out more, you can read the interview online here


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my fm is 101.80. 988 is 98.80. they are different radio station ^^