Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Must-try food in Bangkok

Besides cabbages and condoms , there are many other interesting food and tidbits to try out in Bangkok. I realized as a tourist, we tend to stick to restaurants or spa's that we know or stumble along the way, and sometimes it turns out to be below what we expect for Thai food or too expensive right?

Don't fret, because I've chronicled a few "must try" food in Bangkok when you are there based on recommendations from a local Thai friend of mine! I had the best Thai food journey this trip around. Was basically went there to visit a friend of mine (who was going back to the USA) and his partner. Yes, they are a gay couple and I fully support their partnership because they were BORN to sexually prefer the same sex(science has detected differences in the brains of homosexuals compared to heterosexual people). I particularly don't see ways they can be taught to change the way they feel, as most of them already felt that way since young. I'm saddened by the fact that there's so much uproar in the newspaper in regards to the gay pastor getting married in New York :( And he's not  allowed to have a ceremony here? Why? They are humans, and have rights cannot teach them to go and "like" a woman...if only it was that easy!

Sorry, was digressing there for abit..... a friend of mine introduced us to the best Thai Food that has ever touched my taste buds!!!!! It's a little colonial looking restaurant called Baan Khanitta on Silom road

Cozy interior

Free appetizers which I was so fascinated with, all the condiments are placed on this leave, and you pop it into your mouth. You will be apprehensive to try it, but once you have eaten it, you just can't stop!

We had a feast for two with these dishes...

Tom Yum and Green curry chicken

The tastiest Pad Thai I've ever tasted! Ben has never tried it before, but he was hooked from the first mouth *winkz*

My experience in Baan Khanitta was a pleasurable one, because the food was delicious, and the service was impeccable. Watching the Thai servers made me realize how humble the Thai people can be even when the customers treated them badly

Another thing you have to try is the Papaya salad. It's a Northern Thai cuisine which you can get on the road side, but if you are afraid it might be dirty, you can try the one we did in Central World shopping mall,the highest level

Pair your Northern Thai cuisine with their famous sticky rice....don't take the whole thing out immediately, scoop it ut slowly, or else it will hardened...

On to the street food which is pretty safe I presume...

Tha Thai milk tea had just the right "oomph" to it

Jelly's sold to cool you down, the red ones are really good, but if you like coconut, you can get the white ones too...

There is more to the food in Bangkok than just their curries, and Tom Yum. Please do try out the Northern Thai cuisine when you are there which consists of dry types of food such as the grilled chicken, sticky rice, papaya salad, and satay-like stuff. If you are brave, don't forget the street food, the colder ones should be fine:p

One other thing I did manage to accomplish this time around in Thailand is that I managed to pass 500 USD to depdc for the girls to set up a business!! Yay!!!!!  never knew that people found it so hard to part with a few ringgits here and there but some people did find it in them to come up with the money. A huge thank you to the donors who helped me:

1. IMB recruitment
2. Khor Kai Tong
3. John Justin Tey
4. Seow Lee Chong

With their contribution, the girls can now be self sufficient :)


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Fashion and Number said...

Mei Sze,

Looking at your pictures makes me miss home so much!

Great post. ;)

(Your inti college friend. ;)

Mei Sze said...

Hey LIng!!

How are you????? It's been so long.... what are you doing now?

Please do read my latest post, hope you will like it and do drop me a msg from time to time to keep in touch:) Thanks!!


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