Saturday, December 12, 2009

International food night???

Hi Guys!!!

People have been asking me why I have not posted anything up since like 3 weeks ago?????? Sorry about that, I know being busy is sooooo not an excuse but will try to catch up these next few weeks alright??!!??

I thought I would highlight an event I attended before Thanksgiving in Hale Manoa(one of the dorms on campus). As you all know, Hawaii is an ideal place where the east meets the west and it is definitely a blend of cultures from the people to the food here. My good friend Erenst invited Kendra and I once again for their ever delicious international night where all the residents from the dorm who come from different countries cook food from their own cultures. It is my favourite food event of the year I tell you!!!!!

I have taken some pictures for you guys to see, not all the booths but not salivate on your computer!!!

I had to take a picture of the person that invited me for the event!!! He was handling the Indonesian booth, the decor and food there was amazing...they had satay which I have been craving for!!!

More indonesian cuisine....look at how much effort they put in!! Kudos to you guys:)

Indian food..yumm......curry....

Taiwanese booth!!!

Vietnamese cuisine...authentic I tell ya

I am not sure....but I think this was the Nepalese booth....their food was extremely cute and unique

Of course, our own Malaysian cuisine....I had to take this picture because the three women cooking it were the right mix of the Malaysian culture(Malay, Chinese and Indian). They were so the whole day..making nasi lemak wrapped in pandan you know how excited I was to hear they were making nasi lemak???You wouldn't believe how much I was jumping!!!Good job guys!!!

They made teh tarik too....although they made it with tea was still goooooddddd!!!

There were many other cuisines too such as Pakistani, Chinese, Cambodian, Samoan and the list goes on. Kendra and I were so full after one hour...we literally stuffed our faces, it was actually rather embarrassing......hehe..... but really worth it. I will definitely be back for another round of food next year...woo hoo!!!!!! For those who missed out, you guys can join me next year...I will give a heads up on this blog first!

Hope all of you are having a great week...for those taking their finals next week..good luck!!!!!



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