Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanksgiving in MSP!

Hey hey!

I told you that I will catch up on my back logged posts. I am at my super nervous stage right now as next week is where everything is happening, thesis defense and final exams all rolled in one day! What can I say????? But expressing my thoughts in the blog is a pretty good stress reliever and it's I will post another one up today about my trip to Minneapolis over Thanksgiving. The previous post and this one is all about food!!! If you know me, then you will know I eat alot and love love love to eat, one of my favourite pastimes is discovering new and good restaurants to include in my repertoire of "to go-to food places".

It was cold in Minneapolis as it is winter now but this trip down, Jason manage to squeeze in time to take me to a few popular restaurants in town. The first one being Moto-I which was a place where they brewed their own sake........I thought it would be owned by a Japenese guy but it was owned by a Caucasian American. Not to mean anything but the authenticity scale went down a notch when I found out. Nevertheless, here are some pictures and my reviews:

Sake 101, they teach you how to drink the sake based on this menu and the grade and taste of each glass is included on the sheet. It was pretty cool although the sake sampler was actually Jason's roommate's order...I stole this picture for you guys to judge for yourself:)

Part of our food, they had okonomiyaki which was the best dish of the night although nothing compared to the Hiroshimay style one. The "sashimi" was such a dissapointment because it wasn't pure but contaminated with sauce and with a mushroomy taste!!!???!!!

The next night itself was Thanksgiving already and we ordered a meal from Whole food, everything organic because we wanted to be healthy!!! I spend hours slaving or more like worrying how the turkey would turn out, and of course trying to cook everything simultaneously!!! Super hard......don't ever try cooking a Thanksgiving meal from scratch, I can imagine it to be even harder!!aiks!!!

Our meal which includes mash potatoes, stuffing, cranberry relish, green peas and Turkey!!! The meal made me really sleepy and full, the mash potatoes and stuffing was the best!!!!! The turkey was a lil dry, maybe cause we put it in the oven for too long????????

We had dinner at Namaste cafe the dollowing night, an Indian restaurant. We had this fried fish dish, rather American but we were so hungry, we thought it was like the best fried fish dish ever!!!!!! haha....this is what hunger does to you...

Us outside in the cold cold weather trying to take a pic before leaving

I really love this tree and the's so beautiful! The leaves were pink!

My last night, we went to Tanpopo noodle house....I tried the tasted really good especially when it was cold outside!

Jason's set meal. They gave a generous portion of the fish and the salad was super tasty:) Overall, I really liked this restaurant and I would recommend people seeking Japanese food to go there when you are in Minneapolis!

My trip was a relaxing one but rather short( it was really good to get out of the cold though). It was a great Thanksgiving, love those quiet ones at home with loved ones which I did this year!!!!!! And of course, thank you Jason for making my Thanksgiving fun in Minneapolis:)

Hope you guys had a good one too!!!!


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