Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogger Boy

I am currently having my one week break of the semester, spring break!!!!!!!!!And.... I am over at Minneapolis visiting Jason...........yay!!!! that's the upside but.....the downside of it is that there is truly nothing to do here, so we usually stay in and watch tv...hehe....well..that works for me because this is one of the only times I get to indulge in doing something "relaxing" other than schoolwork, research or advising work.

So......................guess what I have been watching? I feel a need to write about this particular tv series is a Malaysian made production and I was super impressed with it:) Both Jason and I have basically heard about Blogger boy because one of my closest friends Julie and her boyfriend Qi were in it. We never got a chance to watch it as we were in the United States, so we were browsing google for Malaysian made production series when Blogger boy came up. We downloaded the first episode of the series and we were like two kids, being soooooo excited because it was pretty cool seeing two of our friends on tv as other characters!!!!!!!!

With Qi(Budi) and Julie(Nina)

Good job babe!!!!!

Jason and Qi

Anyways, the first episode kept us coming back for more, both of us basically watched 20 episodes( the first season) in three days! For a Malaysian production, the plot was impressive, graphics were cool, there was a stellar cast(there was even Patrick Teoh in it), and.......................... it was a Malaysian made production(buatan Malaysia)....I am proud to say the least!

I personally liked the storyline because it mirrors love stories that happen in real life and the writer even integrated Malaysian culture, the "muhhibah-ness" (multiculturalism) into the whole story. For example,  there was a mixture of malay, english, and Chinese languages in the show. Furthermore, certain excerpts from the show such as Budi(main character) who is a tuition teacher is kind enough to bring his students back to his place for tuition when the tuition center was closed unexpectedly. In addition, Budi's mother made "goreng pisang" for the students to eat during their break made me feel nostalgic! I used to have tuition in my house and my mom does occasionally buy banana fritters or random tidbits for us to eat...ehehehe...... You know, the Malaysian way of providing food during meetings, breaks, or any event....I love that!! It's better to feed people and keep them full and satiated then hungry and grumpy right???? Although the plot was made in the modern times, but the incorporation of old fashion values such as respecting the elderly, being tolerant and having respect for one another's culture's, sharing, and many more Malaysian values were nicely intertwined:)

Goreng pisang(banana-fritters), yum yum!!!!

Jason and I are still really hooked on it, we have started watching season two where the plot and love triangles, get even juicier, with newly added characters! I highly recommend this tv series for everyone ESPECIALLY for Malaysians not in the country because it not only represents the trials and tribulations experienced by adolescents and young adults of modern Malaysians BUT it reminds you of Malaysian culture true and true! Hence the catch phrase "Malaysia TRULY Asia"!!!!hehehe......................

If you guys want to find out more about Blogger boy, you can actually check it out at their very own blogger boy website or on the 8tv website:

or more information can be found at:

Have fun watching!!!! Tell me what you think aight once you have gotten a chance to watch it? :)



ITR said...

hot hot ..

Anonymous said...

dear crei sze mei sze,

i SZE you have been lei sze over the break.

MEI-by you can make your own TV show called Blogger Girl. If you do, CHOOse lots of hot female costars so you can introduce them to me (unlike all your hot girlfriends that you CHOOse to keep to yourself).

Mei Sze said...

Yes, I am trying to be lazy over the break!!!! There is actually a blogger girl character in the show!!! You should check it out:)

jason said...

ceritakan padaku, masalahmu!
ceritakan padaku, satu bersatu!

lagu ini tuk menenang pikiranmu....

Anonymous said...

cool, so i checked out blogger girl in google images and this is what i found:

going to start watching asap.

Anonymous said...

Isn't she gossip gal Instead with e xoxo ??

Mei Sze said...

I checked out the site, and definitely that is not blogger girl in the the show!!!! have to watch it to see who the real blogger girl is...

Anonymous said...

loser hahhaha!!