Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dinner club, are you privileged?

Kendra and I have been speaking of our hypothetical "dinner club" for two years already, it is basically because we really really love to eat. Therefore, both of us would go to new "finds" which are restaurants we have never been to try their food out. The "official meeting" for this club would be once a month where we would dress up, basically try to drag a few friends to come with us and eat some "good food" somewhere. We were pretty elitist because we only selected people who could eat! The MAIN criteria to join this "dinner club" was that you have to have a BIG APPETITE and you must LOOOOOVVVEE TO EAT!!!!! For those girls out there, "no salads only" or "soup only" or " I have just eaten"!!!!

Basically, this whole club idea failed miserably because we were super inconsistent with our dinners, we would randomly call each other out for dinner and that wouldn't count right??? Or we try to make it count sometimes.......................... Anyways, last Friday, both of us decided to try this restaurant called the "Himalayan Kitchen" introduced to us by Henry. Jen, Iris, Roland and Gen joined us and all of us decided to dressed up because we hardly ever do, since it is Hawaii right???Everyone goes around in their flip flops and shorts!!! I have hardly seen anyone wear a tie here!! I swear! And guess what???????Jen and Iris told us they wanted to have a "dinner club" too and I was like "hey, we invented that years ago but it never took off!!". So..............Jen said she will make sure this time, it does take off and she penciled down dates for us to have our dinner meetings!!! Yay!!! And..............we took it up a notch, one of the dinners, we would go out someplace(fancy or hole in the wall type) and another dinner, we will cook at one our houses!!! Isn't that cool??????I am excited...I will tell you how it goes in two months time:)

Here are some pictures of our first official "dinner club" erm...meeting?

There is this special rotunda for a group of people to celebrate their birthdays probably?

We sat outside....basically, we couldn't see what we were eating, there was no lighting except for the red lanterns:(

This was a random picture, but I wanted to show you guys our surroundings

Nepalese Biryani rice, Roland's favourite!
Our favourite dish was the salmon madras!!!!

To be honest, the food wasn't that great......I mean I do have high expectations coming from Malaysia!!! It was a combination of Nepalese and Indian food but the only dish that struck a chord within my stomach was the salmon madras. I am not sure whether it was the long wait for the food or the fact that we couldn't see our food that made me not enjoy it so much???? The atmosphere was nice though....very alfresco...rare in Hawaii..!!!

After, Kendra, John, Gen and I went to Tiffany's event at Bonsai!!! can you imagine this girl??? She comes back to visit and she holds an event called a "Welcome back Tiffany Vega: bash!!! Coolsssss!!!!!!

Taking our pics before we met up with Tiffany:) Look at that glowing couple over there!! They look so good together!!! And of course Kenj and I make a good couple too!! Apparently, my mom said we could have been "lovers" in our past lives!!!hahahahaha...that cracked us up!

They had big tv's playing all around us...pretty hip and reminds me of LA...ooh...and there were couches too all around, for us lazy bums!

They had two levels, a picture taken from upstairs, the set up of the whole place was nice!!!

With the star of the night:) Look at her...looking hot!

When we were leaving...............Kendra couldn't take the pain from her boots anymore, hence.....her bare footedness!! This girl is amazing!!! She takes of her boots all over the place...even when we were in front of everyone!! Great job!!! :) I love people who are random and does not care what people think of them!!!!!!

It was a great night before the "storm",tsunami alert the next day!!hahaha..... And...the Dinner Club..has officially begin!!! If you want to be a member...remember our criteria!! You have to LOVE TO EAT!!!:)


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Anonymous said...

1. I have a sirius (black) question: Since you are a member of both, is the dinner club or breakfast club cooler?

2. "Everyone goes around in their flip flops and shorts!!! I have hardly seen anyone wear a tie here!! I swear!"

This reminds me of the time I went to look at the presentations at UH for accreditation. There was this one girl presenting who was wearing "flip flops" and jeans. You should have been there, Meiz!!! Oh wait...