Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Skewers- The only place I have been at since I came back!

First up, I have to apologize for my delayed posts! I just arrived back in Malaysia a few days ago, and my schedule has been super packed!!!! Plus, the horrible part is that I am extremely jet lagged! Try being in four different time zones in the past two weeks: From Hawaii- Atlanta- Japan- Malaysia, and the flying is not something fun! BUttttttttttttttttttttttt....I am glad to be back:)

The first three days since I have been back, the only place I have been too besides my house is the newly opened restaurant Skewers! The first two days, which was June 5th and 6th was the grand opening of the restaurant, and I was there on both days to give my support!!! Many friends and family came too, so I got to kill two birds with one stone which was to see everyone and at the same time, be at Skewers. Yay!!!!Well......enough said...I am sure you are guessing where this place is, how it looks like, and most importantly, what it serves right???????????????????????

It is really easy to find because it fronts Subang Avenue, love the location!

The exterior and the friendly staff

The "everything is transparent concept" ...You basically get to see what your chef cooks for you, and make sure he is not adding a "lil something" if you do piss him off! hehehehehe

The bar, they serve drinks all day long for the thirsty!

The interior, warm lighting, very calm theme and they have plush cushions to the very end of the restaurant for a romantic feel:) Great for dates!

There is running water surrounding the exterior of the a very cool vibe

Now....on to the a few snapshots of the food! Be tantalized....

Mash potatoes with your platter meal

Meat and seafood platters!! For meat lovers, you will love the platter up top because there are different types of skewered meat! For seafood lovers, I suggest the seafood platter, the picture below. I personally liked the seafood platter because it was a tasty blend of Asian mixed with Western spices on the shrimps, prawns and chicken! Both of these platters come with sides of mash potatoes and salad...

The bomb! Chocolate trifle cake! Great finish to your meal:) For a person that loves her desserts, this is definitely an A+

Mom enjoying the delicious Fish sambal burger!

The unique concept about the food is that, it consists of a delectable mix of all kinds of influences, from the West, East, and even Brazilian tastes. They have different selections of burgers, skewers, appetizers, desserts and healthy juices. You will be spoilt for choice when you look at their menu, that was basically how it was for, don't be too greedy!heheheh

With Kar Kien, the manager! All smiles..keep up the good work:)

Friends who were there to support!!! Thank you guys:)

Pretty grandma:)

My grandparents came even when they only ate "rice"! Cute!!!! And my grandfather loved the pasta!!!!

If you have been following my blog, you know that I love my food and of course the ambience is a must for me! What I truly liked about this place, was the amazing location, and decor! When you are sitting outside, there is constant wind that makes me feel like I am in Hawaii and the water surrounding the exterior of the restaurant makes me feel serene and calm. Then, when you move inside, it's a whole new concept, which practically takes you to a whole new restaurant. I feel like I can have quiet girl bonding time with my friends, or for guys, bring dates there because of the dim lightings and look of the place! Furthermore, the transparency in which you can view the chef cooking was refreshing for me because I like to watch and am fascinated at how people cook my food:)

For those planning to try it or have done so, please give me your verdict and comments of Skewers once you have been there!!!!



G said...

Wow! Everything looks great! I'm sure it will be very successful. I really wana visit the restaurant in future!

Mei Sze said...

Yeah yeah!! You should:)It's really nice!!