Monday, May 31, 2010

Circling round the island of Oahu- must sees!

The last few days before my parents and I both left for Atlanta, we manage to squeeze a drive round the island of Oahu. I have to pathetically admit that as a resident of Oahu for the past four years, I have not done a drive round the island!!!!! This time, due to my father's insistence, I finally dragged myself out of bed, and just started driving my parents around the island and managed to visit a few places which I wanted to visit but never got a chance too:)

These pictures and captions are for those interested in visiting the island. Having to drive round the island is rather tiring, but if you have a GPS, a rented car, and good company, this is a must when you come to Oahu island in Hawaii:)

First up, we went to the Dole plantation(where you get great pineapples from)...

My parents at the entrance
First thing I wanted to try, the famous Dole Whip. It is basically pineapple ice cream and it was yummylicious!! Remember to try it when you are there!!

My father trying out the world's largest maze. It was cute because they gave you a map and your job was to find 7 things within the maze and draw it on a card they gave you, they timed you too. It's definitely a challenge for people who are competitive!
My mom and I being the lazy and erm..."not so competitive" ones, went on the Dole plantation train instead...very relaxing and slllooooow ride...

We of course got to see pineapples..
Machineries they used to proccess the pineapples
Other random plants they plant on the fertile soils of Hawaii

The best part of the train ride for me was the scenery:)

After the Dole plantation which took about 2 hours, kinda crazy right???!!, we headed to the small town of Haleiwa to grab lunch at the famous shrimp trucks by the roadside. I have always wanted to try it because it was famous and apparently delicious. You will find it along the way at the start of the town and we tried Giovanni's which was apparently the most popular, here are a few pictures to tempt you....

Most of the trucks looked like this

Our plate of shrimps for 13USD, I thought it was a hassle to eat as it wasn't shelled but the sauce was good:) Definitely an experience!

I also suggest walking along the town of Haleiwa because it is really quaint and a group of friends and I usually have lunch and take a walk around there on when we are free. I didn't get too walk the town this time because we were rushing for time and wanted to visit Turtle Bay before heading to Kailua. Turtle bay is actually a bay known where turtles head to for laying their eggs, and the Turtle bay resort is basically situated there. To our dissapointment, we didn't get to see turtles butttt we manage to find a cute bar overlooking the bay..........manage to chill out and people watch with the breeze blowing in our quote "typical Hawaiian experience":)

To end the tour for the day, we went to Kailua(where the Byodo-In temple was). Another cute and small town, and the beach there stretches for miles and miles!!weee......for those loving the beach, you can go jogging there too.......I didn't get to take pictures of  Kailua beach for you..Soweeee!!!!!! Next time k?????? But here are a few more pictures of Byodo-In temple when my parents and Jason were here...

At the meditation pavillion

Look at how big the bamboo plants are!!!!!!

Another part we didn't get to hit was the East side of the Island where Haunama Bay is, I suggest people who love snorkelling to check Haunamay Bau out because you get to see beautiful turtles and fishes, not so much the coral reefs though:)
I hope you guys enjoyed the tour of the island from my eyes!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

wah so kewl la that bamboo dude

Mei Sze said...

ahahah....really? Yeah the bamboo is super cool..not sure about the dude:)

Anonymous said...

oh i am sure

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