Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation- The transition to adulthood

For alot of people in their 20's  the past weekend held alot of promise and anticipation as to what was coming next, especially for those just graduating with their bachelors degree! Congratulations to all that graduated, you've  all earned it!!!!

I remember, when I first graduated with my bachelors, I was really excited but thrown off guard because it was too quick and I wasn't prepared for it, literally felt like a rug was pulled from under me because I didn't expect to graduate so early, and have yet to send in my applications for graduate school. I decided to take a year off to write up applications for graduate school and finally breathe, after chugging along my college years at full steam! For alot of my friends now, and I am sure for those that are currently graduating, you are probably nervous and filled with doubt, "What should I do", "Am I going to be able to get a job?" and a million questions running through your head especially during these tough economic times........don't worry fresh graduates, don't think you are alone in this, because I personally feel that every graduate feels the same way when they are just about to graduate or just graduated....... Now, you don't have an organized program where you study, pass an exam, and that is your main focus, but rather you actually work for an organization, hold responsibilities and naturally become an ADULT! Graduating from University/college is a huge transition, and it takes a little bit of getting used to, but it's a journey that everyone goes through and it is just how each person transitions through it, face obstacles and go on their own path. Nothing to be afraid of.....if you need time to think on which career path to take, just take a minute, and then go from there. You don't have to rush into a job so quickly, OR feel like a failure if you have yet to get a job. Like my mom told me before, "You are going to be working your whole life, so why not take some time off to think or rest first"...Just love her:)

Anyways, I hosted a party for two of my friends that just graduated, Mayco and Kendra at my place...pool and barbeque partayyyy....congrats to you guys, both of you did an amazing job!!!!

With the two fresh graduates! Mayco with a masters in music....woo hoo! He plays amazing traditional Indonesian music btw!!!Kendra with her bachelors in civil engineering! Both taking time off to decide and rest a bit....Kendra chasing another career path possibly, *cheers* for being brave babe!

Jason, Mayco and Erenst starting the fire!!!

Basically barbequed half of the food even though he was one of the hosts! aiks!

Thanks for the amazing shrimps with the special sauce! Another barbeque guru!

Getting ready to party!!!!

 Lovely friends who also came for my sorta graduation party too...*ssshhhh, quite shy about it* still have my PhD to complete!!!heheheh

The party was in full swing when everyone was jumping into the pool and jacuzzi!

Or just chilling out by the pool....kinda cold to swim at night.....I totally get it!:)

Jen showing her delicious red velvet cupcakes....tastes waaay better than store bought ones! This gal is going to own a bakery very soon! and I willl be buying all of her stuff..yum yum

Vivian and Lisa brought these lovely cupcakes for graduation!

Look at the smiley faces on it.....these cupcakes are not just meant for me, Mayco, and Kendra but for all who graduated this year....!!!! All the best with job hunting and starting a new phase in your life....don't look at it as a chore(to find a job) but a journey filled with excitement and new experiences:)

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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