Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hanging out the "local" way!

Last weekend was definitely something different for me! Usually, we try out new places to eat each week, maybe check out some new bars/lounges or dessert places but this time, I did what Roland would call "local"! Have you ever wondered what you can do in a place like Hawaii or what locals here do? Seriously, I feel like I am always exploring Hawaii through the eyes of a tourist although I have been here for 4 years! Maybe it's just being a graduate student = "no life" which means not exploring Hawaii like I should!

No worries, this time I did what the locals do! yup! Although dangerous I would say getting to the location was scary, I still manage to get some pictures for you!

Yes, you got that right, we practically climbed down a ravine to get to a cliff! But the cliff had beautiful rock formations where people can sit and set up bond fires! Unfortunately, we were kinda sitting in the dark because no one had matches...aiks! But, just sitting there looking at the ocean, with the breeze in your face, the feeling is so calming and not to mention breathtaking! Worth risking my life for! I really did not dress for it though because OMG, I wore nice slippers which had NO GRIP(almost slipped) and white pants! How fitting right?ehehehe

You can tell, they love their drinks! I heard a "girl" got sorta drunk and almost fell of the cliff a few weeks back!

Me and the gals, Of course I had Lay's because I don't drink so, that was the only piece of food that kept my stomach filled!!! Instead of being an alcoholic, I am an eataholic!

The guys were standing up and the girls were sitting down. Pretty segregated, reminded me of high school days!!!

I had loads of fun and I vowed that I will try to do more local things from now on! And.....if my Malaysian pals come here, I will definitely bring you to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the scenic point of the Spitting caves! Yay!!!!  At least you can see what I see, because I couldn't take pictures of the scenery for you guys, it was too dark!!!!!

Locals out there, what other stuff do you guys usually do on weekends, any other scenic spots you chill out at? Let me know, sharing is caring:)



ITR said...

beach is nice :)

Mei Sze said...

ahaha...actually it was the sea, we were on a beach just rock formations...

ITR said...

was there waves washing up against the cliff?

anonyMEIZ said...

"sharing is caring"
is true unless you're sharing germs and giving the Mei Sze DiSZEse to your friends!!!!!!

Mei Sze said...

ITR:Yes, waves crashing on the cliffs!

Tyler: Not true, i wasn't sick this time:P

ITR said...

its pretty scary but in e same time awesome feeling too :)

anonyMEIZ said...

Nooooo why did you reveal my SZEcret identity :(