Sunday, July 11, 2010

Indulgence in Bangkok(Literally)- Final 2 days!

The last two days of my Bangkok trip was pure indulgence as I call it because we were spending alot of time "indulging" in our favourite pastimes....not only were we shopping, we spend quite a good amount of both days in spas!!! This time, our shopping was not contained in malls but rather out in the open, where we got to see fascinating stuff(from all types of animals, to furniture, to art,and of course food!), it is practically an all in one market place which is none other than the Chak tuk Chak market! Can you imagine how big it is, if they have shuttle vans going around to pick people from point to point??!!??

All types of fishes for sale...from miniature ones to large, shark-like ones!!!
Poor animals were all caged up..hardly any breathing space:(
The worst and most unexpected event I witness were cock fights right in the middle of the myriad of animals in cages! It was really inhumane because they allow two cocks to fight untill one dies:(
Of course, one of the main reasons we were there was to see puppies!!! They were cute as ever! And two crazy gals on the trip wanted to buy a puppy back to Malaysia! And I are we going to bring the puppy back....the wittty reply was "Let's just buy an air ticket for the puppy"!!! hhmm..........if only it was that easy!!:)
Of course, they had "normal stuff" such as clothes, shoes.... but who wants to see that after what we have seen right? hehehee...
Delicious food! I really liked how they were so enthusiastic to sell skewered meat to us:)
This is the best coconut ice cream I have tasted! And you know what??? I don't even like coconut ice cream! Whoever that goes to Chak tuk Chak has to buy this particular ice cream which is housed in a coconut husk, and there are nuts sprinkled all over the ice cream, plus they give you free coconut water!!! Just a little taste of heaven in your mouth!!!
After a long day of being in Chak tuk Chak, we headed to Health land spa for some TLC(tender loving care)! Before we headed in, we were served lavendar tea...aromatic!
All of us had individual rooms, I highly recommend this spa because of it's great service, relaxing ambience, and of course, the price was awesome for 2 1/2 hours of pampering to your body!
That night, we opted to be dressy, and headed to Sky bar!
The view from up top was amazing, you can see the Chao Phraya river from the bar...bbbeaauutiffull!!! Very romantic for couples....
Ben showing us the suit he made in just three days! They made everything, from the shirt inside, to the blazer and pants...and it was ridiculously cheap(much cheaper than my crappy suit I bought from Express which only had the blazer, and trousers...ggrrr..)

The last day, we decided to take it slow and easy.... headed to Siam square for some last minute shopping, and facials..... I was seriously done with shopping that day, but I was amazed at the amount of energy the rest of the girls had for shopping! You go girls!!!!
We all decided to head out in our Club Sze t-shirts.... it was a day of Club Sze out and about in Bangkok peeps!
Our last group picture before we headed to the airport!*sob*
We had to take a picture with our driver who was soo accomodating to our wimps and fancies for four days! I bet you he probably doesn't ever want to pick Malaysians up anymore.....we were singing like crazy in the car!!! how can we not???!! There was a karaoke set in the van!
Bye Bye Bangkok!

What can I say??? It was an awesome trip , had great bonding sessions with each and everyone of my close friends...and the best part, they got to know each other better too:) Sometimes, it is not what we see on the trip, such as how many tourist attractions we manage to suqeeze in,etc, BUT the idea of who you spent it with, and the camarederie of experiencing another country with a group of people you like.........and most importantly, having fun!



Anonymous said...

I Love Bangkok!

Mei Sze said...

me too!!!!!:) except for the crazy traffic!