Sunday, September 12, 2010

A perfect weekend getaway from the city @Janda Baik(Tanarimba)

For those living in the city, anywhere in the world for that matter, be it in KL,Singapore, New York, etc, I am sure there are times when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city right? Well....being back for almost three months now....I felt that way because I was still not use to the traffic, tonnes of people, fast paced lifestyles, and felt it was a great opportunity when Pye suggested we had a last get together for Sharon at Janda Baik.

You city folks must be thinking..."Where is that?"...yup...all of us questioned....but I found my father and another friend's father knew about it...NOT us...kekeke..guess we are clearly not in touch witn is actually a pretty cooling place near Bukit Tinggi, and only 45 minutes from Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur!!!!! A gem of a place...and THanks to Pye who got us a beautiful house to live in for the night.....the view was literally breathtaking......!!!!!!

When you go up the stairs...this is what you see.....

The whole house was surrounded by greenery...

Rolling hills...
The long dining table for a group to dine and chat....cozy:) and...this is where we played murder for the whole night!!hehehehe

I liked how they designed a lil "hut" adjourning to the main villa, for people to enjoy the scenery....bird's eye view right there!

Beuatiful walls....

The to-go to couch for people to take naps!

We basically played pictionary, charades, and murder the whole access to tv/internet!! A real getaway from the city and TECHNOLOGY! These were how people keep themselves occupied when we had no Blackberry's and I-phones!

Boo! Punishment for the girls...200 sit ups for losing the game to the guys in charades:p

As I woke up to the chirping sounds of the birds...this is what I saw:)
THe lodge which was surrounded by the lake...
 The quaint restaurant in the lodge which served really good lamb shank!!!

A few pictures with the girls before we left.......Had a great time with my girlies.......and of course the guys too...heheheh....

This much needed break away from the city was definitely good for all of us especially for the stressed out Sharon before her big competition! I truly liked the fact that we actually tried to partake in healthy activities, such as jogging when we were there..I guess the combination of no internet, tv and the sound of serenity lured us to do more outdoorsy stuff:) Because of it's close proximity to Petaling Jaya and the fact that you can actually hold a conversation with friends without much interferences from our phones, I actually plan to go back there to celebrate my birthday! Would be fun but in a different way!!! What can be better than celebrating with a group of your closest friends....and having a "true" bonding experience...!!!


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