Monday, September 6, 2010

Sharon Beh's farewell/good luck dinner @Teeq!

Good luck Sora Ma!!!!!!

Yes,if you are Singaporean or even a fellow good friend is competing in the Mediacorp Star search currently, so please do support her:) She is not only good looking, but she has a great personality(I know....hard selling gila! But I won't say it, if I didn't believe it:p)

Hence, a few days before she forayed across the Causeway to Singapore, we organized a dinner for her at Teeq on the rooftop of Lot10......

Chilling at the patio of the restaurant, waiting for the princess of the night to arrive.....

When you walk in to the lawn are already taken in by the's amazing, how you exit from an elevator in a shopping mall, and you instantly get transported to a different world altogether.... even the bar area is surrounded by bamboo plants at the side....

Overlooks the KL towers...the extended patio area..with the surreal blue lightings..

The lawn area which no one ever expects at the rooftop of a shopping complex.....I think all tourists should check this place out!

Sitting at our dining area with Sora in her beautiful dress.... with cute headbands bought by Christina!!

OOhh...Kendra with the guys "trying" out the headbands...!!! All three of you look cute:)

On to the food....

Larb's a spicy salad..has a zing to it!yumzzzzz

Duck confit...meat was tender..The sauce was just to my liking....a little sweet.....:)

Fish.....I love the orange zest to the flavour....(No, I didn't eat two main courses, this was my friends! I am greedy, but NOT THAT greedy)

Tiramisu!!! The dessert was good!!!! Love the fudge on top!! I suggest you pick tiramisu from the dessert menu because this is a very unexpected and different tiramisu..and I have tried many different types..this is one of those tiramisu's the top of my list..

A pic with the star of the night..with the backdrop of the twin towers...signifies a good night!hehehehe~

All in all...Teeq was a great place to celebrate Sharon's farewell/good luck dinner...quiet where all of us can chat.......serene surrounding......and their set meals were delicious! Hope everyone who gives this place a try enjoys it as much as we did:)

And....... a BIG Good luck to you babe! We miss you thoroughly!!! Do your best and perservere.......huggzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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