Thursday, November 11, 2010

My MOST memorable Birthday week!!!!!!!!

I know!!! I have not been updating my blog in awhile.....well, it's because last week was my birthday week! I usually don't have week long celebrations..but given the fact that this is my first time celebrating in Malaysia since 2005, I forgot how fun and crazy Malaysians actually celebrate of my friend actually celebrated her birthday for 8 days in a row!!!!!!!! So, don't judge me:p

My first celebration was of course...with my family at Equatorial hotel....We had Chinese food because my grandmother loves Chinese food and so do I:) The food in Equatorial was amazing and the ambience was top notch might I add...... Very pleasant and quiet....

At the entrance with granny, uncle, auntie, and mom..everyone looking pweeettyyy/handsome...

Kenj and John..

Thank you Kenj and John for my first birthday presents!!!!

Three I was tagged on facebook! My mom looks sooooo young....

My first cake and wish....

With the whole family:) Thanks for coming you guys....and it was a really great birthday dinner!!!!! Great one to kick start the birthday week...heheheheheeh

Next up is my 2nd celebration at Skewers restaurant and bar!! They were kind enough to host the Malaysian Hottest Bloggers for a food review that there was alooot of food! yyuummzzzzzz....

All the regulars of Skewers:) Sandy's first dining experience there....

With the manager of Skewers and the babysitter for Malaysian Hottest Bloggers....

My first was the Buffalo wings appetizer!! Yes, I was famished...but decided to take a picture of the wings for you guys to drool over:p

Two of my recommended dishes! Chicken Teriyaki and Lemongrass chicken's a must try...Yes, there are others...but these are really good!

The Skewers team were sooo nice..they had a cake specially for Tim and my birthday supposedly..but Tim said it wasn't his birthday yet:p
With Sandy and Irving who came down from Singapore for my birthday!!! Love you guys:)

And of course..the hot group of girls....Malaysian hottest excited...I actually got to celebrate my birthday with a group of funny, witty, and amazingly good looking girls and one particular guy..teehee..

A big THANK YOU to Skewers for making my birthday special! So, remember to keep skewers in mind if you want to celebrate your birthday! They are super accomodating:)

Next 3rd celebration of the week at Red box the curve!!! I absolutely love to prove to you much! How about? once a week? and sometimes, I practically dance and sing on the couch with just one other person..which is Kendra!! My karaoke it would be uncalled for if I did not have a singing birthday celebration right?

My "performance" for the be honest..I can't remember what song it was...probably Lady Gaga?

Beers for the guys....knocking themselves out!

and....i got my first polaroid camera that night for my birthday!! was clearly happy snapping away...

With my beloved:) She was awesome throughout my birthday! buying both cakes....and just being there....*huggzzz*

Who's finger is that? kekekeke.... Kendra bought my favourite tiramisu from Alexis as my cake!! woohoo!!

All who came!! Thanks guys!!!! You were amazing!

My final celebration for the week(note the week part...) was at Janda Baik...I truly loved the place the first time I went and insisted we head there for my birthday..and my dearest friends actually took time to go up with me for a weekend! I also have to thank Pye for arranging everything!!!!! weeeee~

The famous backdrop of the rolling hills behind....~swoon~

Board games.....more like drinking ones:p btw, this one is handmade ok!

Some people like JP started drinking when we arrived..and he was sick!Crazy alcy's!

And the two girls dancing behind..yea..they were clearly high on something....dancing on the table top around candles?!? did you guys think you were fairies or something????????

My fav snack!!!!!! there were so many on top of that...hehehe..everyone was snacking through the day...

THe girls preparing for dinner...I told them to dress up for pics! Thanks for making the effort sweeties~

All looking pweeeettyyy!

I *heart* the table setting and candles! really set the mood...THanks ving for making the ambience sooo romantic:)

everyone after food with party hats!
Making my wish right before th clock strike 12 to mark the end of November 6....

A group photo with the guys...

and the gals

Surprise surprise! Hash browns awaited us when we woke up...Irving was ingenious enough to cook breakfast with a rice cooker!!! lol......resourceful much?

I know I know.....this post is super-duper long...but I wanted to share with you guys one of my most memorable birthdays I have had! Not only was it perfect throughout the week with my family kickstarting it off with dinner but I truly treasure my friends for being there to celebrate this special day with me in Malaysia and for making the effort!!!!! I love you guys truly made it special for me:)


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