Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Giving truly means during Christmas

Everyone is probably busy doing their Christmas shopping....I can tell because every shopping mall I have been to over the past two weeks have been terribly packed! no breathing space and to get to the parking spaces, you probably have to wait quite a long while!!!!!!

I don't know about you, but I love the feeling and joy of christmas cheer, from the songs on radio, to the lovely decor, and for me, the joy of giving.....I truly hope you wouldn't stop reading this post after the last few words because I would just like to share my two cents worth of what I have experienced thus far and what I feel Christmas or the meaning of "giving" is.

Full heartedly, I agree that during Christmas, the sales all over the world is amazing.... and I usually spend alot buying christmas presents for friends and family,and alot of the times, many people also buy for themselves. BBUTTTTT.... before you go all out spending all your money on yourself or buying lavish gifts for friends....maybe, just maybe you would like to do your bit giving someone, "yes, totally unrelated to you" a joyous christmas too..........I your mind you might be thinking.... "why?", when I don't even know the person? Well...because you WILL make the person's life a whole lot better and improve their living conditions somewhere in another part of the world?

You are probably wondering, what is she talking about?!? Yes, I am basically talking about donating to charities, be it orphanages, old folks home, or a simple gesture, of buying gifts or food for the homeless.... because they appreciate it a whole lot more than someone who already has everything.... Recently, a friend bought me a gift, he sponsored a child on behalf of me...for a whole year...I was truly appreciative of the gift not because it was in my name but because it will change a child's life..give the child a better future.......

Joseph, a boy from Africa that comes from a single parent family.... with just RM50 a month, the money can sustain his education and health.....amazing how much that means to his development...

Before you close my blog and write this post off as nonsensical...please think twice aout how much just a mere RM40 can can for example, donate RM40 to families to help alleviate poor families who farm in Malaysia and Mongolia


Or even contributing to a child's education such as in India or Vietnam to provide school facilities for these children as some schools in many developing countries lack simple things such as tables and chairs....

You don't know how much Rm50 or even less can do to help a poor child and his family over christmas and the holidays...... your gift or donation can literally sustain a person for a whole year and improve their maybe...just maybe...consider donating as a gift for someone, maybe on behalf of a person's name or even as a Christmas gift to society:)

If you are interested, you can donate through

This cute little boy next to me in this picture is someone I have been helping out at the homeless center...he was truly appreciative of my efforts that even though he was poor, he still spent whatever little money he had to buy me biscuits as a gift. That to me, is worth more than anything....and I believe your donation or gift to whatever charity you do decide to give to means a tremendous LOT!

In the meantime, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!Embrace the joy of giving:)


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What an awesome post Mei Sze!