Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flash Mob in KLIA?


Flash mob is the new trend of performances around the world and now Malaysia..... There has been one happening at the most random of places such as Pavillion, Taylor's College Subang Jaya and many more!!!!!

As an avid fan of dancing, I personally think it's pretty cool breaking out a dance move or too regardless of who is watching but imagine, when everyone else does it too!!!!!

The latest flash mob that caught media attention was the Malaysia Airlines Flash Mob that happened at our international airport, KLIA with 200 over dancers and MAS staff!

It happened as "passenger" were walking out from the departure gate. Someone started singing while another person played the guitar and some of the passer-bys also broke into a dance. Many on-lookers waiting for relatives and friends as well as tourists were pleasantly surprised.

The flash mob lasted for a whole 8 minutes with popular songs from each race, from english, to malay, to indian, chinese,etc. The last song was actually performed by MAS crew which gave it a really authentic vibe.

What would have made the flash mob more fun was if the crowd actually joined in to perform with the dancers teaching them...don't you think? It would then be more interactive.......After I watched the video, I was caught off guard because I never thought flash mobs were so small in size, I always expected more...misperception I guess:p

All in all, it was definitely a good effort from Malaysia Airlines in start the new year off trendier and attention grabbing with now close to 700,000 views on Youtube!!!

Just wondering guys...what did you think of the whole idea of Flash mobbing? and how would you expect it to be like?


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