Friday, January 6, 2012

The original recipe of Yee Sang from China

You know what this year is right on the Chinese Calendar?!?!

The auspicious dragon year

Given that Chinese New Year is coming round the corner, my father being the traditional China-man he is has urged me to write about a very fundamental food and an important part of chinese new year in malaysia!! It's none other than Yee Sang!!!!Love Love it!! Missed it sooo much when I was in Hawaii..

As my father is a second generation China-man, he believes that this isa must for all chinese people and foreigners alike to know the history of yee Sang. My late grandpa(Yeh-Yeh) was born in dongguan and adopted into jiangmen on the other side of the guangdong province:

Apparently, the seventh day of the chinese new year is known as Yan yatt or peoples birthday, that is the day when everybody is an equal and a meal is provided to be shared by both employers and employees. The main dish is yee sang and everybody stands up and toss it together for another good year of business and prosperity.