Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday dinner-Part two!

I know I are wondering when her birthday posts would stop cominig up but guess what this is my 2nd last's just so tough to shirnk all the pictures to fit the blog, or if anyone knows an easier way, please tell me!

We all went for dinner in this restaurant called Imanasu-tei which is quite secluded but thanks to my resourceful housemate, he found this izakaya place, he said that all Japanese tourists that come here go to Imanasu-tei....after I heard that, I knew I had to have my birthday dinner there, it's authentic, and he even got us sorta of like a private room with the traditional tables where you put your legs beneath you..thanks Gen!

The early birds.....

The staff at the restaurant wanted to give me the cute:)

Jeani, Kyle and Naomi

Lea, Lisa and Erenst

The food was extremely delicious!!! and the price wasn't too bad either..Let me tell you we ordered so much food that I couldn't take pictures of all of them!!! But if you come here or you are from here, you have to check this place out!

My birthday many candles! Gen bought it and jason put the candles and cut it for me:)

Thanks Gen!

Shows you how good the cake was!!!

The whole group!

One last pic outside the restaurant!

That was a tasty and fun dinner!!!! Loved it! I always say, the way to my heart is to feed me food( Japanese food is my no.1 choice) ehehehe..... THank you all who came and for the lovely lovely pressies!!!!!!! You made my night special:) There is more to come, the last fav lounge!!!


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