Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday- Part one!

This is a long overdue post!!! Sorry!!!!! Like I said, November is a crazy busy hectic month for me.....but it has been an overall great month so far.....many many good things have happened for me, some really unexpected and I believe there will be more good stuff happening!!!:)

Of course, my housemate thinks that I view this month to be especailly good because it is my birthday month...but I doubt so..I feel it might actually be a good year for me wish me luck! Anyways, so I was really excited because a special someone came to visit me just for my birthday.....really sweet......

On the morning of my birthday, I woke up to a few surprises waiting up for me on my dining are the pics...Thanks Gen and of course some pressies from the special someone too.....~yay~

Lying on the table was a picnic bag with lil treats inside and of course shall we dance? japanese version......(did you know that the movie was originally from Japan???) and of course got a VS gift card and a new book from one of my fav authors Mitch Albom.....loving this day already...

Then the special someone took me to my favourite breakfast place Cream pots, have been meaning to blog about it but didn't have a good chance, now I finally get pics for you guys to see:)

The interior is beautiful...very victorian yet like a fairy will definitely feel like you are in another world, guranteed....Love it!

Overlooks the Ala wai, you feel like you eating by the river

Food is great too....we got the salmon benedict( my all time favourites) and omelette with rice and salad...healthy!

Finish off with apple crepe...yum yum yum;) my mouth is watering as I am writing this

That was the start of my birthday for me. Great isn't it? I went shopping after at Ward and got a super cute dress!!! Really my lucky day because I have been looking to buy a dress for ages and have not found the right one till that day....:) I get happy over little things...eheheh...

There is more to come in my next post of the night events on my birthday of course..stay tuned.....


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