Monday, October 18, 2010

Melaka from a different perspective....

Melaka being one of the heritage sites in Malaysia as you(e.g., Malaysians) know, attracts alot of local and foreign tourists saying this is not to promote Melaka town itself or the historical sites located there...but this post is to share my experiences of being a semi-tourist there for half a day!!!! Mayco, my friend from Argentina came down recently, and because he is a culture and history buff...the first idea that pop into my head was to bring him to Melaka of course....:) And I would like to share my little excursion with you guys...

As we arrived late(6pm), I had to rush Mayco to two of the most important "must-see" places in Melaka which was Kota A'Famosa and the Stadhuys area...Look at the amount of people!!!

One of the doorways, I liked the colonial feel of it...

After climbing up a few flights of will arrive at the top where the Dutch and Portugese used as a vantage point to see ships arriving...and there were many tablets inside....While Mayco was inspecting each tablet, me being a just a teensy bored started taking pictures of the surroundings for you guys to see:p

The vantage point...

After the historical places, we walked across the bridge and I stopped short...because this view to me was literally breathtaking.... nostalgic..yet preserved, reminded me of Venice... don't you think?

We headed to Harper's bar/restaurant for drinks with my parents.... which I felt like I had to highlight!!!!

The restaurant's view from where we sat..

The walk in to the end of the restaurant...the bar on the left..

What I looooooveed about this place was that, it was by the river..and you can sit there with a nice drink overlooking the scenery...*loves*..Trust's worth it...

The decor was modern, yet they have preserved elements, such as the Chinese tablets by the wall...

Mummy and me..

Dad has been here three times...and he always swears to come I know why?!

And... when you sit receive the best service from the manager of the restaurant himself..Mr.Jantzen..he was not only attentive...but jovial:)

Here is the contact information for Harper's restaurant and lounge if you want to head there for a drink on your visit to Melaka:

No.2, 4, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka.

So...why you may ask about the title "Melaka from a different persepective" right?!? It's because as I grew older, I started seeing Melaka as a place to go for half a visit Jongkers street(to buy and eat "specialty" food and things), enjoying the scenery and weather there, as apposed to when I was young...I will whine and cringe everytime my parents wanted to go there on a family trip... It does show you how we learn to start appreciating things and places we never did when we were younger..enjoying life every step of the way..:)


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