Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A perfect Sunday in Singapore! From a beautiful brunch to F1!

How would you usually imagine your Sunday's to be? Probably something laid back, where you don't have to exert much energy, and with the weather a little downcast right? For me, the past few weeks, my Sundays have been pretty hectic mostly doing family stuff...but the past weekend, I went down to Singapore for F1, and here is how my perfect Sunday in Singapore went...... everything went so well...even though I was out, I felt happy and rested:)

Started the day with Koi (a popular bubble tea drink in Singapore from Taiwan. People line up an hour for this drink...can you believe it? And Ving was sweet enough to get one for me and Sandy!!:) Tip for those who really want to try it: Start Lining up early!

With our stomach full with pearls and milk tea, we headed to the most secluded breakfast/brunch place in Singapore. I wouldn't have found it as a tourist! This is the view from the outside...lushes aint't it?

It's called Mimolette for all you breakfast/brunch people:)

Sandy and I sitting on the bench outside..felt so Victorian!

My waffles(It looked really good but it wasn't tasty, it actually tasted like Eggo waffles! Can you believe that?!? I was totally dissappointed)

The Egg Benedict.. Alright, but not too my liking, I am too used to the salmon/egg benedict prepared in the USA.....but there are many ways to make egg benedict..so don't rule it out just yet:p

Classic pictures with our food:)

The interior

Loved this Graffitti wall

I would recommend tourists and Singaporeans to try Mimollete because it's really pretty...but I definitely was not impressed with the food. Unless it was a bad cooking day for them or I have wonky taste buds, I suggest you give this place a shot for it's ambience first, and then taste the food for yourselves...

After a nap, I felt all rejuvenated for the Singapore F1!! They were super organized that it literally blew me away! No pushing, you will not get lost, and everywhere is brightly lit! You Go Singapore!

With Karen who was working there:)

Me being "kiasu" decided to book a seat near to the stage to wait for Mariah Carey! Hey, it's a good thing alright? You are still within the F1 circuit where you are basically listening to the race LIVE butt you are watching it from the big screen instead....and we got the view of the Singapore skyline!! Good combo eh?

Butterflies!!!I thought she was going to be late..but she was ON TIME!

What I found really cute was the fact that she had this couch where she would lie down or sit down on when she was tired...and she freely admitted she was a DIVA! Honesty rocks!:)

Due to the heat and crazy amounts of people, we mostly watched her from the big screen because it was still really clear....and I basically went to hear her sing live. She definitely DID NOT dissapoint! Her singing sounds exactly like what you hear on radio or her cd's!

I've got alot of comments from friends thinking I was crazy to go down to Singapore just for F1.........but nope....I disagree! I strongly recommend all Malaysians and Singaporeans to attend one F1 race in Singapore because it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Not only is it city racing, but it happens at night, much more thrill and excitement! Plus, the circuit was organized so well!!! And of course...this year.... there was Mariah Carey too:p (the cherry on top of an already delicious Apple pie)


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