Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Splash Party @ Luna Bar!

Experience Miami style parties right in the heart of KL city center!!!! Amazing as it sounds...it's true...well..that is how it felt like for Kendra and I. I am sure alot of you have watched CSI: Miami and have seen the pool parties shown right?!? That is how the Splash party event @ Luna Bar felt like....I wish I was exaggerating, but once you get there, you will get what I mean...... Imagine Luna bar during the day(hard to even fathom right???), in which you actually get to use the pool, see the skyline clearly, and the weather was perfect for a dip! Plus, it wasn't too crowded, which was perfect for swimming and chatting with friends.....that's the life:p
The dj was spinning his tunes...which suited the whole environment...
The bar during the day....... And may I add, once you pay at the entrance, you basically get free flow of their house wine, and drinks at the bar....??!!???
Awesome combination...free flow of drinks plus, a delicious spread! You can literally "eat, drink, and be merry":)
Our greediness... but it was really really tasty!

Kendra being a Hawaiian told me she never experienced such a party before...and she even said... "Man, this is the life"...hehehehehe..and I agree with her....!Of course...the food was a big +!!!!

Look at the beach ball behind me!!! I was soooo upset I didn't bring my bikini....I didn't know that when they said "splash" party...we could really swim inside... I just assumed it was  like many parties in Malaysia, where they say...it's a "costume party", but no one comes in costumes......but this time..it was real...so many people were jumping into the pool............*sob*
With a group of the Malaysian HOTTEST bloggers..... they were all smart enough to bring bikinis!!!

To surmise....this event is the epitome of "Sun, Sand and sea" but in the middle of KL city, nested high amongst the buildings:) I will definitely go back next month, and hopefully be able to swim this time around......


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