Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jazz Fresh Food Review - Moe De cafe (Anime cafe) with hot policewoman waitresses!


Judging by my title, I am pretty sure I got all of you guys excited huh? It didn't just get male species excited but it got me a Female very interested!!!! My eyes popped out when I saw all the cute waitresses serving food in their uniforms...some of them truly looked like anime characters.....

Are all of you wondering where it is already...hold on a second...did I tell u also that they have tons of "manga" for all you fans out there?!? And the decor is so interesting...with bars all around..I was wondering what it was...but as you can's meant to look like a prison! Sexy eh?!? Wanna take a good look at what I am talking about?

Moe De Cafe is in K Gallery which is a new building in Bandar Menjalara, pretty easy to spot...

Really huge interior, ample tables and chairs for manga fans to chill and read their favourite comics or just hang out with friends

Look at all the posters!!!

A giant robot at the corner....I like!

There's even an upstairs which is more secluded for "serious" readers.... right in front of the books...

Low tables and cushions for people who wants to go back and forth from the upstairs bookshelves

*Manga fans* They were reading when I was sweet to let me snap some pictures of them:) Thank you!!!!

Bri, a Bleach fan???????? I used to watch the anime but got bored after they had too many episodes...aiks!

My turn:p

The cute policewoman handcuffing real SCARED!aaaahhhhh!!!

Now time to stop camwhoring!blek! and EAT!

Once I sat down, lo and behold, I found out that they stocked one of the magazines I came out in.....*blushes*

While waiting for food...being restless in my seat, I suddenly saw one of the policewoman bringing a keg of Jazz Beer to our table...... Can you imagine?!?! They have alcohol at a place like this???? This place is seriously a jack of all trades!!! *Thums up*

I found the mini Jazz Beer keg extremely cute too! Cute girl + keg of beer...does that rhyme?!? hahahaha

Plus, I found out alot more about beer in one night than I would  since I became legal to drink!!! If you follow my blog or you are pretty close to would probably know that I am a total health freak!! I only eat white meat, drink water or herbal tea, and mostly eat organic food....ZzzzZZZ...boring I KNOW but it helps my weak  constitution...

To my delight....~squeeelll~ I found that Jaz Fresh beer has no added preservatives or additives... and it is unfiltered which means that there is "live" yearst inside the beer that keeps it ALIVE!!! Doesn't that sound organic and nutritious to you??!!?? My mom always told me... The best food is the ones that are Fresh and ALIVE!! Clearly, Jaz Fresh is following the theme of HEALTH!:) Me likey!!!

Cheers everyone!!!!!!! I have finally tasted Jazz beer after hearing so much about it from my friend who did a video on it.... As you know..I don't drink!!! But due to insistence from SOME people, I tried a few gulps...and it was suprisingly refreshing and light to the tastebuds( I am btw quoting a friend of mine, William because I agree with him wholeheartedly)...Now you know what to drink when you don't want to get drunk!*teehee*

*Oohh... a tip for all you Jaz beer fans out there, your Jaz Fresh beer is best stored at 3 celcius...and given that Jaz Fresh is made from natural ingredients, it only has a shelf life of 7 days*

For all you hungry beavers out there....the food is placed in order of my preference ok?!? So don't blame me if you don't have the same taste:p

My favourite of all time is the thousand layer tofu(RM8.90)....I would say it's even the best tofu I have ever tasted, it's not only soft but the taste is special when it's mixed with chicken floss in between....I still dream about it when I see the word tofu.....

Black pepper chicken chop(RM15.90) comes in a close 2nd... Not because of how cute the presentation is(or maybe)...hehe....but because the sauce has just enough spice mixed in with the black pepper taste..... and served with rice = HEAVEN!

This dish is a MUST for SOUP lovers.... The Special Chicken Mushroom pot(RM14.90)! It doesn't just smell and taste healthy...but it's really chicken soup for the soul...You feel all zinged up inside after drinking it....

My recommendation to people who love fried stuff..the butter chicken bento(RM17.90)...Although I don't like fried stuff much, I liked this dish because of the butter sauce on top of the chicken which gives it the flavour it needs.... Plus, it comes with great sides!!!

 Last but not least, I fancied the Fried sphagetti with XO sauce(RM9.90) because it has all kinds of tangy seafood in it mixed with veggies!!! And they added a twist to the dish by making it spicy(be warned that it may be a lil too spicy for some)....ZING

As I mentioned, the restaurant was generous enough to stuff us to the brim with food...... There was MORE! For those prawn lovers out there:

They have spicy prawn(RM14.90)

 Assam Prawns(RM 18.90) for those who have bigger appetites

Pineapple Cheese baked rice with prawns(RM19.90)

And for those who just want to munch on something while enjoying their Jaz Fresh beer

The spicy chicken(RM6.90) goes perfectly well with it
After a hearty meal, some more interesting finds for pictures before heading home.....

Doraemon!! We probably abused the poor doll!lol...don't put us on youtube PLEASE!!

A must with the cute policewomen before leaving....

What can I say about Moe De Cafe is that I truly love the concept of the restaurant...with all the different manga's, waitresses and decorations which also follows the Japanese anime theme...I swear there's a certain criteria for the waitresses in terms of height and looks..they are so ~kawaii~!! And not to forget, they serve not just a variety of affordable and tasty food, but a range of beverages...from smoothies to alcohol(the alcohol bit really surprised me...)

So...I told a few friends about it, and decided to head there again on a Friday night...which was extremely packed!!!!!! I suggest maybe going on a weekday if you want seats.......

THey are prisoners of Moe De come they get beer in prison cells?!?

Caught by a policewoman for committing the "bad pick up line felony"

I am a person that truly likes the extraordinary....So, if you guys know other restaurants that have themes to it, fill me in ok, don't hold gems like that to yourself:p


P.S. Here's the address to Moe De Cafe: K-Gallery, Lot G-2, Ground Floor, Lot44667, Jalan 1/62A, Bandar Menjalara, 52100, K.L. You can call them at 03-62726197.

I have to aplogize because many people have asked me where these restaurants I have talked about are... Klutzy me keeps forgetting to put addresses and contact numbers..eepsss!!! Sorry!!! But I remembered this time *wink*


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