Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ATV in the jungle

As you can read, this post is about one of my experiences of riding an ATV in the 2nd time actually. I know....people never ever think I actually do outdoorsy stuff but trust me, I love it especially when it involves speed!!!!!

The location of the ATV ride was in HUlu Kelang. We contacted the tour guides for our adventure as their phone numbers are listed on their website: and they were very cooperative. It is by trust system that you reserved the ATV's from a certain time and on what date and they trust that you will be there, so don't be late or else you will be holding the next group up...!!! have to drive quite deep into the forest to arrive at the location and it is basically marked....then the tour guide would teach you how to ride and they ensure safety because they even have a mini trail you can practice on before going into the jungle! They have brand new ATV's much easier to ride than last year's. Last year, we had to manually change the gear but that definitely tests our skills~wink~
Our Home rock! It's where all the pics are taken:)marks the beginning of our journey!
The ownerexplaining the trip to us,very friendly and super clean place!
THe ATV's behind us...brand new!
I know what you are thinking! poor ATV! our weight!
Koh Beng and the ATV????hhmm...wonder what's happening there!
We get to stop at this beatiful waterfall to chill! We climbed down to take a dip..super nice
Before we begin.......
The crazier we get...i know...we climbed the log!!!
The water was lear and it was sooo refreshing sitting under the waterfall....Nice!
with our guide..he was really good and helped us throughout!
After the waterfall, we were alll super wet but the ride back was amazing as the winde blew us dry???!!?? with leaves and stuff flying through our hair...hhmmm...sounds romantic huh???hehe....but it was really nice if you speed through the jungle back...we had a few mishaps back which was pretty hillarious.....can't mentioned it here as they would kill me!sorry!

But you guys out there should definitely go make memories of your own and as for me, I would keep ging on the different trails they have! The next one I plan to conquer is the 6 hour one where we actually eat lunch at another state and then come back!! So excited! Probably the next time I get back to Malaysia:)

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