Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The first Nikonian photography boutique in Malaysia

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of my posts in the near future will be from when I went back to Malaysia for the summer. It was a great summer and just wanna highlight my most memorable and exciting ones(well....the ones which I basically had pictures for)

One of the weekends back in Malaysia, a friend of mine told me he and a few partners were opening a photography boutique in Malaysia and it will be the first. He asked me whether I wantes to emcee for the event and I was thinking "definitely" as I know it would be fun and I wasn't wrong!

Well, everything went as planned and this was one of the first events I went too that started on time and was following schedule(kudos to you guys!!!) which is a plus in my books. To calm my jittery nerves as the turned out was big, I of course took photos with Andrew Boey, partner of the boutique and Nikonian academy pioneer!!catch him before he starts getting busy!

Congratulations Andrew!!Look at how happy he is.....:)

Started my emceeing/hosting the event basically....I think my emceeing got better as the night went the beginning...I think it was rather hard to get everyon's attention because it was sooooooooooooo hot! Once everyone got food in their stomachs, their response was much better.Okay..fine!! no excuses...I was probably the one at fault!!sorrylar...have not been doing this in Hawaii.....rusty already!

The ribbon cutting ceremony time!The two main guys..Sean and Andrew! For people that don't know them...let me tell you..they can host one good event and they can joke as well!
All the pics you see is thanks to mommy dearest:)
My grandma and aunt came to give me support...hugggzzzzzz..
The night's entertaintment! Fire eating performers! It's inhuman how they can perform those stunts. As for the rest of us, let's just stick to eating ice.
Guess who I saw there? My friend Christina and her boyfriend actually going to this super tasty nyona restaurant nearby. They basically heard my voice(never knew it was so loud) and drop by to see me...sweet:)
Final performance of the night before allowing everyone to see the inside of the boutique...basically no one was allowed in till he showed us some Micheal Jackson moves...he was smooth and he did a great moonwalk! sorry for lack of photos...not really good at this yet!He switched songs every 30 minutes and his dance changes toooooo...amazing i tell you.
Not forgetting Michelle, Andrew's wife who was one of the main organizers and definitely keeping everything in check...Wonderful lady!!!
I did not get to take any pictures of the boutique inside which I should have done before it opened(silly me!) because when the doors opened, all the photographers rushed inside like there was no tomorrow, just like if I told most girls that One Utama(Malaysia) or Ala Moana(Hawaii) is having a 75% sale on all stores! Can you imagine that scene???????????????
Except that the poor lion cub would be akin to the store assistants!

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