Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lovely Krabi

Thailand Thailand Thailand!!!! What have I got to say but that I love Thailand and everything about it. I usually go to Bangkok for the shopping but this time I went to Krabi..don't ask me why as I live in Hawaii and have the beach there too...........but a dear friend of mine loveess the beach, so we decided to go soak in some sand, salt water and fishes???????????????

Of couse...we went off to a great you all know in the month of July there was the crazy H1N1 virus going around and we were admittedly quite scared, so we wore masks on the plane.....NOT GOOD! It's like smelling your own breath mix with disgusting cabin air.....but it helps psychologically knowing that whoever sneezes or coughs, you don't go turning around and glaring at the person....I saw many people doing that...!

We were not expecting much of our we paid RM550 each for a 3 days 2 night stay plus round trip airfare plus was a nice hotell...I was impressed to say the least...:) Air Asia rocks!

We had an inifinity pool!!!!!!
So...the story as to how we got to this restaurant was funny, it's even embarrasing..... We were reommended by the receptioninst at the hotel and she even gave us directions syaing it was a 10 minute walk away. We walked for a good 5 minutes under the scorching sun and we suddently saw tuk tuk's.....guess what? we gave up walking and hailed a tuk tuk and we asked him where the restaaurant was...he said round the bend but we thought it was still we hopped on....and guess what? it was just one second should have seen our faces when we saw the restaurant...we were incredulous to say the least and we still paid the guy money which could have taken us somewhere further away perhaps????!!??? yeap..great start to a holiday:)
of course our massage by the beach and we got rambutans afterwards too!!!
my ugly ugly outfit..did not realize it....but what the heck??its a holiday!!!!before we went on our island hopping tour:)
      The beautiful scenery...hard to take pictures on the speedboat!!! but I looveee how fast it went although it was kinda not eat lunch befor eyou go on one of these!

Chicken island! do you see the shape????
Jayden and us.He was a little boy we met on the trip..he is adorable:)
The island where the movie "the beach" was filmed...and Tan doing her buddha pose! How cool is that..she fits right in
the waters were really clear with the many shades of blue
They were feeding the monkey's..our boat was so close to these monkey's that you can literally touch them..daring! and be honest....I ran to the edge of the boat but the opposite side coz I was scared of the monkeys!!I know!'s a safe bet that I did not take this picture
we snorkelled here...the fishes were all over the place.....felt like I was being eaten by fishes...did not help that the tour guide kept throwing food into the water where we swam so the fishes could come near us!!! freaked me out!!have a nightmare of it since the fish spa!
Of course....we had to rush back after a long day of island hopping to quickly change and go to our massage for the last time..and in a tuk tuk of course!!!
It was a great trip and I cheap on top of that:) I can never get these kinds of deals in the USA you guys in Malaysia! Enjoy the perks of Air Asia!

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