Thursday, September 3, 2009

A wee bit about lil ol me

Well.......................It's always hard to think of what kind of person I am like because funny thoughts(e.g., eating all the time) of me starts forming in my head! For starters, I am super super clumsy as a person till I spill water on my own laptop and its not just drips of water, it was literally like a flood!!!! Worst part of it, I took my time to wipe it and continue using it untill I realize my keys aren't working???!!???

Fine, to be serious here(everything I said previously was true btw, people who are my friends know that for sure!), I am a city gal from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Currently studying in the city of paradise(Honolulu, Hawaii) as a graduate student..I know......!!! what everyone says...lucky lucky.....not so when you are a graduate basically don't really have time to even touch the sand! Buuuttttttttttttt....of course when friends and family come over, I will bring them to all the nice places and beaches around here........don't worry guys!!!!!!

Likes: food food food and trying all kinds and types of places to eat!!! I love dancing, singing, shopping, reading actually(*yawn*) but I am serious there....Travelling, having good, DEEP conversations with my boyfriend, family and friends, adventurous stuff(e.g., water sphering, atv riding)...oooh..and not forgetting, working with abused and abandon children(e.g., teaching, emotional and social support)

Dislikes: hhmm......drama! people that come with drama or create it!boring places!Tardiness!!!! Basically, that's it...I am a peace loving person:)

Just trying to lead a simple, happy and uncomplicated life(note the word trying!). on about the ups and downs of my is a roller coaster as some might say it and my thoughts on things.....:)