Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fame! Be inspired!

After 5 days of feeling sick with the flu, I manage to drag myself out of the house to watch the movie Fame! This was just the right get well movie as it was soooo inspiring and as I love the performing arts; it was everything I had hoped for and better! It was musical, lyrical and just fantastic. I did not know what to expect because I have watched the musical on stage and it was good but the movie, with a new and rising young cast, took the production of Fame to another level!

You know.... that movie got my creative juices thinking.... although I am in academia, I still love dancing and singing, my favorite past times ever!!!! I believe that it is something I am passionate about ever since I was young, training professionally to sing, dance all sorts of styles but never pursued it as a career because of what society tells me to do: "studies come first, dancing, singing, acting are just a past time(something you do for fun but not take seriously) and cannot bring you anywhere"???!!???

As I have come to realize and have actually been thinking more and more about it, as long as someone out there believes in you and gives you that lucky break, you can succeed in that ruthless industry called 'entertainment". I was talking to my friend yesterday after the movie, and she said she feels that she is pretty good at everything be it in academics or being creative but she is not great/talented at something, therefore not passionate about something.

That shouldn't be the case, even if we were not born to sing or to play the piano, dance ballet, etc., we should still feel passionate about something because we love doing it and it makes us happy! The question ultimately is" what makes you happy?" Is it playing the drums, writing, sitting by the beach and meditating???? Well..... I have so many thoughts on this and just by watching Fame, I have come to realize, do not just do what society wants you to do, do something that you love, feel strongly about and embrace it with passion! I know this may sound naive, but while you are still young or even older, sometimes a career change doing something you feel happy doing might just bring you success or happiness in many ways. And if you fail, at least you can say " At least I tried" rather than hankering for the "if only" or "I should have".

"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” (Hebbel)


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