Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gartley Hall shut down!

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I have not blogged for days because I was basically busy packing and moving boxes(heavy ones filled with data, files, folders even a PC!!!) from Gartley Hall to my apartment.....Gartley Hall is where I work in the undergraduate advising office in the basement and also my lab is located there. I mean I knew that the basement was nasty as the air quality down there is always damp which always irritates my nose and it is basically stuffy but I never knew that it was thhaaattt bad...the faculty and the psychology department has been trying to get it renovated for years now but the legislature, University had no money and always put us on the back burner!!!!

Can you imagine how frustrating it was to get an email from the graduate chair to evacuate Gartley hall immediately, we were given one to two days to move everything out and the worst part was we did not have places to move it all these stuff was moved into our apartments or cars or whoever had another office, they moved it there. And....let me tell you the best part..I fell sick on the day that we had to move out....can you imagine..down with the sudden onset of the flu???!!??? I felt bad communicating with all the faculty members and student as I had watery eyes and was sniffling..but I can't help it..I was sorta in charge of the adviusing office, so I had to move the stuff!!

It was such big news that it came up in newspapers and even the daily news on tv here. Here is a picture of Gartley Hall from the Honolulu advertiser:

Gartley Hall in all its glory...its 88 years old!

And...they ask me to take a picture of me looking at the structure..I was running around and the photographer asked me to help out..I am glad I did as I finally got to see how bad our building was:(
Here is a link to the newspaper article:

Although I grumble about moving and everything, I guess its better to be safe than never, it was so unstable that they had to put these support beams for it to hold and we were still in the building..thank goodness someone found something!!!!Have a good weekend guys..well I will be nursing a flu.....aarrghh!


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