Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ketupat day in Hawaii!

I know...what is Ketupat day????? is a belated celebration organized by the Indonesian society for "Hari Raya" and what the Indonesians call "Hari Lebaran". My friend Erenst was kind enough to invite my friends and I to enjoy this joyous and scrumption occasion with the Indonesian/Malaysian community. The best part was that there was a buffet of Malaysian, Indonesian and American food!!!!!!

Trust me, I was so excited to the days leading up to it annnnnddddd I heard there was Laksa!! *faint* So I invited Kendra, Lisa my friend from Canada( who is half Chinese Malaysian) and Gentaro to experience some southeast asian cuisine...hehe....

The host and part organizer of the event erenst!

They had a fried rice competition...there was even a Malaysian and a Thai entry! all of them taste really good but I looooveeeedddd the Thai mixed one!!!!

The Lakasa I have been craving for, ketupat and rendang!!!slurrrp!

Our picnic...okay..we were forced to seat outside in the hot sun because there was not enough space inside.....proves to you how popular southeast asian dishes can be!!

The view

With Mayco and Kendra...Let me tell you!! Mayco is Argentinian...and he can speak malay fluently!! kudos to you:)

Vanessa and Lisa

They celebrated two children's birthdays too!!!!and this lil boy was sooo excited to eat the cake!!!

So..he smashed his face into the cake after blowing it!!ehehe...sooooo addddoooraaablllee:)

Sorry it is sooo belated...but Happy Hari Raya to alll!!!!!!!


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