Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chicken lovers unite!


Guess what????????????????????School has already started..this is the first week of the semester....It isn't too bad...trying to get pumped up for the crazy amount of work I will be completing this semester * hopefully*

Knowing the reality of going back to school was a weee bit of a stretch for me( You should have seen me in Malaysia being all anxious...sigh). The last weekend before school started, I had to cram in some fun too right?????????!!!???? And of course, fun to me is eating and hanging out with friends...woo hoo!!! Gen and I met up with Jasmin and her brother who was visiting at this Korean bbq chicken place. Trust me, when she asked me on the phone, "do you like chicken?" I was like "yeah, why not???"......In my mind I was thinking, I mean we cannot be eating just chicken, I am sure there will be other dishes such as fish and vegetable's and stuff......

So, we went to this Korean bbq chicken restaurant and guess what????????????????? Truly, every dish on the menu was chicken.....I was amazed!!!!!!!! As it was a Korean restaurant, we had some kim chi before the huge amounts of chicken dishes...take a look...

This was the only dish that was not chicken...Kim chi pancake!

Spicy bbq chicken(the best dish ever!)

Honey chicken and spicy chicken gizzard

Jasmin and her brother David

Waiting for our meals......

The biggest shocker at the end was the price!!!!!!!!!!!!It was so so so cheap...... the whole meal amounted to USD 33.00, can you believe that?????? I have never found a place in hawaii that was so cheap for so much food, so please go and try it out because not only was the food and pricing good, the service was good too:) I wish I knew the name of the place but it was written in Korean, sorry! I have the address though, it is 1269 South King st, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Remember to call me to when you guys go there!!yum!!!!


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