Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti needs your help

I was deeply saddened when I read about the Haiti earthquake...the death toll was a staggering amount of 200,000 lives and counting. After reading countless news of the events that happened in Haiti, I felt a need to respond and try to help by blogging and donating to this cause. Their hospitals are overruned by patients and they had to turn many who were injured away.....Not only that, many of these people especially in Port au Prince are helpless due to the fact that their homes and basically their lives were destroyed by this tragedy.

As Obama stated "they do not need blankets but money". So, please if you are thinking of helping, here is a link which I sourced out from yahoo which you can donate to help these victims:

In your hearts of hearts, think of how many lives you can save with this money you will be donating just by forgoing a meal at a fancy restaurant or stopping yourself from buying a dress,etc. If you do contribute to the fund, I thank you from my heart for helping the Haitian victims.


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