Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas compilation!

Hi Everyone!

I must say my christmas was filled wuth never ending good cheers and happiness! I travelled from Japan to Singapore to Malaysia and got to see so many beautiful christmas lights:) Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and being with family and friends, I am glad I got to be with mine this time around.

It started off when I transit in Japan for a night, I decided to go to Tokyo to shop and meet my friend Minoru. Honestly, I was afraid to take the train down by myself to Tokyo from Narita even with directions as I only knew basic Japanese, I really thank my lucky stars when I bumped into a friend Yoshie Teh from college who was holidaying there on the bus to Nikko Hotel(seriously, what a coincidence??) and we went down together! Yay!!!

Arriving at Harajuku, so kawaii!!

Christmas lights out in the town

Lolita costume

Minoru took us to this quaint Japanese restaurant right in the middle of Harajuku district

In front of one of the biggest Forever 21 I have ever seen!

Christmas decorations!

They even had christmas lights in the hotel!

Off to Singapore I went after I landed in Malaysia. I got to spend time with my grandfather and parents and I love love love the Christmas lights in Singapore! So vibrant and surreal:)

Orchard road

One of the biggest christmas trees in Takashimaya

Mom & Dad( my father liked this tree!!)

With my father and grandpa

In Dempsey hill, look at the backdrop...

When I was back in Malaysia, I went out for a traditional christmas dinner with friends in a restaurant at Ampang called Suisse Chalet, very beautifully was pretty good too....but company was the cherry on top of the pie!

So authentic!

All of us really loved the backdrop of the restaurant, I think everyone of us used up every square inch of the place to take pictures and it wans't that big!

We then adjourn to Bar 21, it was a dissapointment though as the crowd was rather rowdy and I wasn't use to the smokey atmosphere!!!!! The well publicized scenery was nice but the atmosphere and music somehow did not fit the music and surroundings...but maybe it was just that night because it was too packed????

Christmas eve went really well especially with good friends around to joke and laugh with:)

On christmas day itself, after opening of presents, my brother and Marry Ann brought us to this new Spanish restaurant called El Mason! The decorations were really simple and christmasey and service was good!
One of the dishes! Very tasty! Spanish food is an acquired taste but most of the dishes we tried on the menu was delicious:) I knew my mom was happy with it!

Ending my Christmas with a family photo! At least we opened my dad up to try new things besides Chinese food!!!eheheh....

I am not sure about all of you but I am like a child, I am amazed at beautiful glittering lights and colors! This christmas being able to be in three countries and looking at the christmas decorations was a real treat for me! The best part of my whole christmas though was being in Malaysia with my family and friends, there is no place better than home! Huggzzzzzz....Stay Merry!!!

Ho Ho Ho

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