Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Papa papa Razzi................

I know...not bad right???Two posts in one day......very unusual of me...I thought that the the previous post and this one should go hand in hand....because it kinda happened on the same night!d-uh...

Anyways, I have been meaning to check out this new al-fresco club/bar with my friends in December....but was just tooooo I figured, since this is the last weekend of fun I can have without thinking of work for the next few months, better do it now!

To be honest, I had no expectations for this club as I thought it would be like alot of clubs here, a restaurant untill 10pm and then it converts into a club. There are only a handful of good clubs here which is a true club like Zouk or MOS. Lo and behold, it exceeded my expectations! This club called Paparazzi is super chic and hip, the interior of the club has was plush and roomy, plus they had an outdoor bar too! I really like these kinds of concept, the half in, half out type.....If you feel that it is too stuffy inside, then you can adjourn outside to chat with your friends..:)

The name of the club

The cool statue on the wall when you first know you just had to take a photo there!

The lights that decorated the interior was so interesting that it created a plush feeling

They had these two signs the entire night! And a photographer pretending to snap pictures like the paparazzi..cute!

On the was extremely hot!! Kendra, don't kill me for posting this were definitely smokin hot:)

The lanai....very chilled out

We went to Wailana coffee house after...Louis and Gen bought Sundaes together..sweeties..hehe...And I took a picture for all of you to see my favourite late night snack here...Muesli cup!! Its has granola, oatmeal, fruits, raisins and delish!

For those coming here to Hawaii or who are already on the island of Oahu...I highly recommend Paparazzi as it is fun and has a good mixture of club + bar feel! Great job!!!!!!


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