Saturday, September 3, 2011

Home- made pizza party!

There are often times many of us just eat in restaurants and put food in our mouths without wondering how they were made. Or for many, we basically don't care because we don't think we will be put in teh position to bake or cook it, or even have the interest to do it unless you love cooking!

Well, I recently got the chance or more like, put myself through the rigorous task of learning HOW to make pizza and cheesecake as I wanted to throw a surprise party for someone's birthday! I thought making a pizza would be easy...but oh boy, NOOOO IT'S NOT especially when you make it from scratch. The preparation took three days including the buying of groceries which costs me alot of $$$$$!

Friends and family always tease me because they think I can't cook, but to my defense, I cooked for 4out of 6 years in Hawaii ok!!!!! But...I can't BAKE:( I was a little disheartened after my first try at rolling the dough failed, but Ginny(my maid) told me one important sentence:

"If others can do it, you can too"

That made sense, and I trudged on and finally manage to roll the second pizza ~wootz~

Don't worry guys, I have chronicled my journey of the attempt to be a pizza making machine for you here...

Human Pizza Making Machine steps

1. Make dough from scratch. You can choose the thin pizza dough or the normal ones. This time, we got the dough for thin pizza which made it even harder to roll!! Realized you can get muscles from rolling the pizza dough. My mom did it like a piece of cake, but my maid and I took an average pf half an hour to roll the pizza dough into a "round" shape which for me, NEVER turns out!

2. Grate the mozarella cheese which took me 45 minutes for three slabs. Really trained my upper arm muscles. Besides the cheese, it would be best to prepare toppings for your pizza all at once to quicken the proccess. Since it is your pizza, just buy any toppings you would like to eat. My mom and I went crazy and basically bought all types of toppings for the pizza from turkey ham, salami, pepperoni, all types of peppers, sundried tomatoes, and the list goes on.

3. If you don't want to waste time, you can buy ready made pizza sauce, but my mom being an amazing cook helped me make the sauce from tomatoes! It paid off though because the taste really enhaced the pizza. After all your toppings, sauces, and pizza base is prepared, start by applying the tomato sauce over your dough

4. After the tomato sauce is applied, sprinkle some cheese over the sauce before putting on your toppings to make your toppings stick

5. Put your toppings to your preference. I basically put as much toppings as possible in different combinations.

6. Once you are satisfied with the amount of toppings, time to drown your pizza with mozarella cheese to create a nice cheesy pizza. Look at how much cheese I put on each pizza below

7. Pop your pizza into the oven for 20-30 minutes untill your dough rises.And...voila, the first pizza of the day.

We made 9 pizza's in total that day which was a crazy amount to be rolling out but it was definitely fun! Didn't I tell you we were pizza making machines? My mom, Ginny and I!As it was Ben's surprise birthday , my mom helped me bake a kit-kat cheesecake too which was easier to bake than the pizza...can you believe that?

Can you believe the amount of people we baked for including some other family members and close family friends. According to reviews, it was good.... *yay* Hope it wasn't courtesy compliments from all of them:p From here on out, I would never think it is easy to bake or cook anything unless I have tried it out myself. Unfortunately, I don't have so much of a cooking flair as my mom does, but she definitely taught me some good skills to have...especially when I only have dough, tomato sauce, meat, and vege's in my fridge:) And guys don't give up so easily if you fail on your first attempt! If I can do it(a not-so-good baker), you can definitely do it too or even better!!

Happy Birthday Ben! Hope you had a great surprise!



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