Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wanna party it up at the next Slosht event with me? Cheap drinks!


Have you guys heard of Or the term

"You'll never drink alone"

Well, it's the latest drinking website where you can get the best alocohol deals for dirt CHEAP, and the best part is that you can drink with a group of friends and party people at a specific location. On Friday and Saturday night,everyone is spread out over few "hotspots" in KL, but with Slosht, they make everyone come together in one place...WHY?

Because Slosht gets cheap deals for alcohol in different cool locations in KL and PJ, and the bid begins and lasts for a few days just like Groupon. They will state the target number of bottles that needs to be bought to actually get the deal, and if the target is reached, there you go!! Really cheap bottles with many of your friends and other party people to drink with:)

You can see that the layout of the site is very clear and user friendly:

There's an event happening tomorrow night at Bakita where you can buy a bottle of Skyy Vodka for RM157. There are 10 spots left before the deal closes in 7 hours guys!!! Hurry get a bottle and join in for the next Slosht event happening tomorrow, 9th of September!

Will be there chilling with a bunch of friends..hope to see you guys there..


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