Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life saving course at Mahsa University College

Those were the days when being a "student" meant attending lectures. Now, my idea of being a student is doing research, going to the lab, and meeting with professors...UGH! It's also the other way around as I am the one at the front giving those lectures.... time flies.....

Recently, I got the chance to visit a local University college with state of the art facilities!!! I was nothing short of impressed when I stepped into Mahsa University College on Jalan Universiti. It has modern architecture, and they clearly know what students like..

Nice walkway in between classes

Greeted by a welcoming registration lounge, hate those crappy one-counter kind of waiting lounge:p

Equipped with the latest computers in their labs, a huge library and comfortable lecture halls
Moving on to their students accomodation which was definitely built FOR a STUDENT
No need to waste money joining commercial gyms, they have one right on campus!

Snooker and foosball tables y'all!

Not to mention the huge pool next to the student accomodation.

Viewing the Mahsa campus definitely made me a lil jealous and soooo wishing the University of Hawaii campus was done up as nicely. Although my campus is HUGE, it's pretty old:(

After the campus tour of Mahsa University College which is one of the best educational institution for nursing and medical degrees(they offer all types of degrees ranging from foundation in science, diploma in nursing  and allied health TO MBBS,DDS, BSC in bio medical, medical imaging, and enviromental health ), it was time to learn how to save lives!!!!!

I was not only excited but intrigued by the idea of being certified to conduct CPR...for those pursuing medical and nursing degrees ,just wanted to let you know that Mahsa's emphasis is on clincial training. This means you get to hands on training from the first year, such as dissecting humans???? You won't be thrown to stitch wounds only in the third year...

As a "pseudo student" for a day at Mahsa with the rest of the Advertlet bloggers, I have detailed my interesting CPR course for you:

Besides collaboration with government and private hospitals around Malaysia(even with KL General hospital), Mahsa has also created community clinics around Malaysia for their students to practise in

You think their existing University college is amazing, check out the design for their 50 acre project in Cyberjaya *OMG* Lucky Mahsa students!

The part that many of you have been waiting for, how to conduct CPR????

1. Try to wake the patient up first, if he/she doesn't wake up, proceed to step 2

2. Tilt the patient's head up at the jaw muscle to open the ventilation system

3. Check to see whether your patient is breathing by listening through the mouth

4. Check the patient's pulse

5. Blow air into the patient's mouth

6. Pump the mid section of the chest 30 times, and give 2 breathes for five cycles. Make sure your arms are straight, and you don't sway your body!!

Ta-Da! And that's how it is done....Be warned though that conducting CPR isn't easy, takes up quite abit of your strength, but once you have gotten the rhythm, it's pretty easy:)

After learning so much about Mahsa and what it can offer locally and internationally(as they are affiliated to many foreign universities such as Northumbria in UK), I wish I could study or do a short course there(The NERD in me talking!). Sadly, I can't because I am already a Phd student at the University of Hawaii, so here's a bit of information on their open day and registration for those who are searching for the right univeristy:

Open day & registration

a. 10& 11 Sept 2011
Jalan University Campus
9.00am -5.00 pm

Degree Intake         
 -BSC Bio Medical
-BSC Medical Imaging
-BSC Environmental Health

  b. 18 Sept 2011
Jalan University Campus
9.00am -5.00 pm
- Foundation in science
- Diploma in Nursing
- Diploma in Allied Health



CleverMunkey ® said...

it's a good exposure, I'm yet to visit MAHSA :)

Peace Out!
The CleverMunkey

CleverMunkey ® said...
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Brian said...

It's great, you get to hands on training from the first year itself. The second year includes Life Saving Courses. You won't be thrown to stitch wounds only in the third year atleast.

Anonymous said...

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