Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Slosht Grand Launch @ Bakita


Following from my previous post here, I did check out the Slosht Grand launch in Bakita and what it was all about...Needless to say, I was truly impressed with the idea and the amount of people that actually bought bottles from slosht! Can you imagine.... one table bought 5 bottles of Skyy Vodka for only 10-15 people? They really took advantage of the less than half price bottles.... from the original price of RM299 to RM140 peeps!!

The term "you'll never drink alone" truly stands because I met many of my friends over there who enjoyed the perks of slosht as well:)

Some of the girls with Alex, poser extraordinaire

Four guys to a bottle of Skyy Vodka per haps?

Even got free Slosh baby t-'s!!

Which I wore instantly.....who cares about not "dressing up", just feel comfortable!! Wootz!! Chak here was even kind enough to give us the t-shirts in extra small which is truly difficult to find sometimes..

Pretty nifty bongo player, was  fascinating to watch him play his music because he played it with so much passion!

There you go guys and girls!! My first experience at a Slosht event that truly delivered what they promised... The fact that you will have people to chill with and not be afraid that you will be BORED at an event, because many people snap up the bottles due to the CHEAP prices! Plus, it's held at swanky and hip places around PJ and KL....who doesn't want that huh?

All you need to do, is go to their website here to be updated on their latest deals alright? Enjoy!!



DON said...

Hmmm... interesting =)

chak said...

the smaller the shirt, the better the advertising ;)

Mei Sze said...

Don: You gotta try to find out:)

Chak: Good way of advertising then!!!!