Thursday, September 1, 2011

A sanctuary in the middle of the city

Been so out of some *love* towards my body for soooo long.... Due to my hectic schedule running around, I have been trying to schedule a pampering session for myself for far too long, and the best part is, it doesn't materialize! I am sure many of us say we will go to the gym, workout, get a massage, do our nails, shop, and basically spend some time rejuvenating and refreshing ourselves, but delay it till we actually forget about it right?

After 4 months of waiting, a close friend of mine suggested a Spa day out for her birthday, and I am glad she did, because it was finally excuse to get some pampering.... at Khareyana spa in the heart of Petaling Jaya with some of my closest friends( Happy Birthday May!!!). I guess I am featuring it because it is not your normal spa in a hotel, but in a bungalow house off the beaten tracks of shopping centres and businesses. Best part is,it's such a sanctuary for rest and relax. How?

Once you enter, parking is available for you right away, one huge sigh of relief there...

Enter into a woody, and welcoming environment

While waiting for your turn, you are given a myriad of oils to choose from with wonderful scents

At the waiting area with Julie

Entering into our "couple" room... Oh la la! And guess what guys? you have to pass through these stone steps to get to each room..unique eh?

Each room is fully equipped with a shower, bathtub, and sink

Taking our girly pictures after our scrub + massage...all our faces were glowing after some much needed pampering :)

If you are looking for a place to just chill from the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city and basically work + stress + KL traffic jam, do consider Khareyana spa! You know me, I won't recommend a place unless I think it's worth your time. It's reasonably priced(cheaper than most hotel spas) and once you step inside, all your worries are lifted from you because of the tranquility of the design...

If you guys have other great spas you want to share with me, please do as I want to try it out!! Remember to love yourself too even if you are busy k guys???? I learnt my lesson the hard way... I was too stressed recently that I kept falling sick..the result of negligence to my own health and wellbeing :(


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