Sunday, February 21, 2010

All I did to celebrate CNY was eat!

Eating is always good.....well...if you are from know what we do during Chinese New Year???? Besides the usual visiting, occasional gambling and stuff...we eat!!!!!! Actually, let me correct that......Malaysians eat all year round...but don't blame us...our food I have to say is the best in the world!!!!!!

Basically, that was what I did for CNY here, try to re-create some festive mood by gorging myself with food:) The night before Chinese New year which is suppose to  be "reunion dinner" time, I was invited by Auntie Janet and Uncle Arthur for dinner over at their house. That salvaged my whole day after the whole botanical garden fiasco actually because Auntie Janet's cooking was awesome, she made roast duck with home-made sauce..yum...thinking about it makes me drool!! Anyways...enough writing, pictures are a thousand words, you can see it for yourself..hehe
Auntie Janet carving the duck???

Jasmine and I posing with a Chinese take out basket brought all the way from Malaysia!!

Our delicious spread(makes me hungry just thinking about it)

Posing with the chef!!!

On our high stools..pretty regal eh?

One final picture before we leave:) Thank you for the awesome dinner!! We will surely be back!!!!(So tak tahu malu)

The next morning I woke up early to eat dim sum with a few of my Malaysian, Taiwanese, Indonesian, American, Canadian and Argentinian friends??Did i get all of you in???? How multi-racial!! Anyways, the ironic part was Uncle Arthur was asking me..."You can still eat a heavy meal like dim sum after dinner tonight?????????" My answer: A resounding "Yes". I can eat all day even, as long as it is good food, I am there!! But seriously, I really don't know how it can all fit! Dinner + dim sum into my stomach..but somehow I managed!
Waiting outside for our table....

Three people who did NOT follow the CNY colors!! You are forgiven because you took part in the eating festival!!!hehe
I had to take a picture of the food!!! Do you really think that's all...guess again....we had three times more of that!

For those who were know.....why I had to take a picture of this soup based dumpling:)

Mayco was flirting with his lady friend the whole time! Look at his shifty eyes!

A final pic before we leave as a group....

The girls....and guess where some of the guys were? Watching some men gambling by the riverside.....

I was stuffed and happy the whole day know they say..... "A hungry man is an angry man". Well...that applies to if I am fed well...I will be jolly the whole day....~wink~

Thanks guys for celebrating CNY with made it all the more special!!


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Anonymous said...

i celebrated CNY by eating Chinese food too!!! I ate at this quaint hole-in-the-wall called Panda Express and as soon as I walked in the traditional eatery, I felt incredibly in touch with my Chinese roots. It was aMEIZing!!! I'll invite you sometime for some authentic Chinese food:)