Monday, February 8, 2010

Coming and goings....

Hey hey!!!

Last week was seriously a hectic week for me because not only did I manage to celebrate a birthday, I got to spend one whole day with one of my good friends stephanie when she came here! If you don't have my msn, you will understand that I was super excited she was visiting because I hardly have friends who come to Hawaii to see my world here!!!

Erenst and I first celebrated a belated birthday with Vanessa at California Pizza kitchen last Tuesday...... I have not eaten there since Malaysia actually!!!! And we were super lucky, because the manager of that particular restaurant highly values quality. So, he wasn't satisfied with the appetizer that came out for us because it was a little charred around the edges....guess what????????? He asked the cook to make us another dish(and he got the flavours wrong for the second time it came out) and we got another additional plate! Can you believe our luck????????????? We were so stuffed with appetizers by the end of the night plus our pizza and salad!!!! great manager I tell you!!!ehehe:)

Our lucky dish! Sorry, half eaten! needed to show you the hard work of the chef and manager;)

The green tea cake we bought for Vanessa from Pan-Ya!!!

Hope you had a great birthday babe!!!!! This girl is also leaving Hawaii back to Indonesia in two days:( Have a safe journey..and see you in Jakarta or Malaysia!!! Feeling kinda nostalgic because alot of my friends who were first here with me have left or are leaving Hawaii back to their home country of to their states!!!

Then...Steph came on Thursday..yay!!! We first head to Kincaid's because both of us have yet to eat our lunch, I really wanted to show her the beautiful scenery from the restaurant...ehehe....that's the reason why I always bring people here....


Their bread rolls are amazing with the garlic spread!!!

Steph and her food...the pasta looked delicious!

My half and half...salad and open faced crab sandwich! Don't be fooled by the small portion of the sandwich because the dairy in the sandwich fills you up!

Our happy reunion:)

We shopped for quite awhile after that, and then dinner at a Thai restaurant! I didn't take too many pictures because my camera is running out of battery!!!aiks!! Have to wait two weeks before I get my charger from Malaysia!!!! Don't worry though, I still had some battery left to take pictures of the Punahou carnival which will be up next..ehehe..

In the meantime, have fun building wonderful memories with your friends because these pictures or memories will always be a part of your journey through life...



benlim said...

looking good choo.

still as thin i see. haha

get well soon!

Anonymous said...

fyi: you're CHOOing your apple too loudly.