Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ka- Lea's last night partying with us:(


Sorry for the delayed update on my blog about this new club we went to recently. It's called Ka and it is brand spanking new. I was invited with a few friends to attend an event they had that night, plus I have heard rave reviews about it, so we went to check out what all the hype is about and guess what? It's only a few doors down from Paparazzi!!!! which means there can be an escape plan to head to paparazzi if Ka wasn't good......but....the ambience was greeeeaattt!!!!!! Here are a few blurry pics for you...hehe

The outside....all five gals

We were given the VIP treatment, the promoter was really cool(same promoter as paparazzi) walked us in and gave us a cordoned off area with a nice couch! Anddddddddddd......... we were given a free bottle of champagne, this is a picture of our cute and sexy waitress:)
Very roomy(I like) and Japanese style lanterns decorated the interior of the club

The downside...the dj was really rude(Kendra requested a song and he just ignored her and did not even look up!). In addition, the songs weren't that good! This is a picture that represents how bad the music was for that night and he was suppose to be a "special guest dj" boo!!

On the dancefloor trying our best to get the groove on

Our cordoned off area:)

Tyler and Gen

Well....if I had to give a rating for this club, I will give an overall of maybe a 7/10? The ambience and service was undeniably good, it was definitely a sophisticated crowd but maybe the dj for that night might have turned off some people(a.k.a, me!) but I will definitely go back there soon to check out their house dj that spins there:) Also, that night was definitely a bittersweet experience, bitter = Lea's last night with us(she went to San Diego *sob*), the dj was bad but it was sweet = We got to check out a brand new club, free champagne, promoter was really good, and also got to spend some more time with Lea! hehe.....

That's all for now, this weekend is going to be a busy one!!! Helping the homeless children, the Punahou carnival(oohhh...caramel apple) and also Stephanie is flying in tomorrow!! woo hoo!!!!!! Will update soon!!!!!


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