Tuesday, February 23, 2010

People, STOP jamming your brakes!

Last week was a gem of a week for me! I can finally blog about it without feeling upset all over again.........

As the title hints, it definitely involves cars, and YES, you probably guessed it right, I was involved in a car accident ON the freeway in a traffic jam while I was sick(with a fever and flu)! It happened like this.....

On the way back from the airport , after dropping a friend off, there was traffic on the H-1 Freeway because it was rush hour.... I was basically sticking to my lane waiting for my exit when the car in front of me all of a sudden jammed his brakes. Luckily I stopped in time, buuuuttt the person behind did not and she rammed into me from behind, and the impact was pretty hard that my car jerk forward and tapped into the car in front.

This is how bad the H-1 can get

Do you know why I was sooooo angry? This is because when I first started driving in Hawaii, I realized that people here love to accelerate in traffic and jam their brakes right behind another car especially during a traffic jam!!!!!!! I know this because I had previous encounters with people doing that, and it doesn't just happen here, it happened when I was in Minneapolis and LA. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that just ridiculous, accelerating when you see the car in front of you move and jam brake inches away from their rear in traffic???????????????????????????? There is no tapping of brakes to signal they are about to stop but a mere jarring red and they abruptlt stop. How much time do you actually save by doing that?????????

Anyways...........the story gets even more interesting, we pulled over to the side of the road where there was merging traffic and the conversation goes as follows:

Guy in front: Are you okay? Are you hurt?(He probably saw me getting a whiplash)

Me: erm........emm hhhmm

Woman behind: I am so sorry!!!!!

Guy in front: I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! I Totally saw it coming!!!(In my mind, I was thinking, If you saw it coming , why didn't you try to prevent it???)

Woman behind: What should we do now???

Guy in front: Take down all her insurance information, my car is fine, yours needs repairs...(indicating at me)

Me: Quietly taking down information(I was pretty shaken and didn't really know what to do)

Awkward silence.........................

Woman behind: You know...my car(which is a huge jeep wrangler with grills in front)  was used to hit deers in Maryland....hahaha...

Can you imagine the fact that she said that???????????????????? The fact that her huge car hit my small compact car was bad enough, she had to add that  her car was used to hit deers?????

I was beyond dismay and was sooo out of it for three days after due to the pain and being sick! I also lost my credit card!!!!! Anyhow, this story is just a lil reminder for people to stop accelerating when they see the car in front accelerate and jamming their brakes right behind another car! It will cause accidents!!!

Everyone has been saying to me...that many good things will happen after a bad streak of events and it has:) yay!!! I got my first two "gam"(tangerines) which shows good luck and prosperity during CNY by my girlfriend!!!hehe..thanks May Li:)!!!!!!!!  Many other great things are falling into place....so wish me luck~

For those who have had a bad day, week or year, don't worry, you will probably be bombarded with good fortune after, so cheer up!!! Cest La Vie!!!


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Anonymous said...

cool, i didn't know that tangerines are good luck in Chinese culture too (I thought it was just a Japanese thing). now i know that my DNA is the reason why i love tangerines so much (just like it's the reason why i like panda's orange chicken and spam musubis so much too!!!)