Thursday, February 11, 2010

weee!!! Bright lights:)

That 70's carnival was what the Punahou(A private school opposite my apartment and where OBAMA used to go) carnival was titled this year and that was exactly what it was. The whole atmosphere was colorful, brightly lit and please don't forget the food people!!!!

Punahou carnival basically happens once a year for two days at Punahou school and the set up is pretty impressive. They can practically fit a load of stuff in that small grassy area, trust should see the before and after pictures...they take about 2 weeks to set it up.

It was 10am when it opened...look at the amount of people there already!

The ferris wheel....looking at this does give you the carnival feel doesn't it?

At the food stalls..come on..what is a carnival without food?

They even have games which they created creative is that?????

These two gals were Ben's friends from Japan, they went on rides with me!!
My favourite ride of all time! I call it the flying chairs(but thats not really the name) because you basically sit on this big wheel where all the chairs fly! Makes you feel like you are flying..yay!

The other ride I soooo wanted to go on which I did:) Its called the cliff you realize, i like rides that makes me feel like I am flying!! Maybe I should have just been a pilot!ahaha..nah..I just like the feeling of wind blowing in my face and you just feel freeeeeeeeeeee

Malasadas(a type of pastry with sugar coated around it, tastes like donut but  very popular in Hawaii). They were selling it here, and poor Gen and Jasmine had to wait in line for a long time before we got to eat some...

The view of the carnival from my apartment:)

So.......if you are coming from anywhere else in the world during early February, go check out the Punahou carnival which is usually the first week of Feb:) I love the atmosphere of carnivals because it seems so fun, full of life and laughter...hehe.......for those that didn't make it this worries...there is always next year!!!! I know..............I AM A KID!



Anonymous said...

that shirt is a must wear for our stats presentation!!!!

Mei Sze said...

Hey! The shirt was a gift okay????? And it is really comfy!