Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Botanical Garden???????????So not! They should just call it a forest.

The title for this post is exactly what it means....... I was super excited when Jasmin asked me whether I wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens in Kaneohe(Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden). You know me, I get excited over pretty things. In my mind, I would see a garden full of flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes like the ones I previously been to in Malaysia and some in Europe.

We took a long drive down to Kailua, another part of the island. That wasn't the long part, the drive from the entrance of the "Botanical Garden" to the parking lot took about 10 minutes which to me was wayyy longer! We then walked to the visitor information counter to get a map and this lady gave us a pamphlet which had the "map" and it looked like this:

How does one read a map like that? No names just pictures! Trust me, it looked even worse on the pamphlet

Interior of the Visitor information centre

I had my hopes up because the interior of the centre was pretty rustic. The lady at the counter then told us to walk down the path to the lake, but when we got to the path(which wasn't really a path), there was just stones all over the place. Our walk to the lake was less than scenic but we finally arrived at the lake.

It was very cooling on that side of the island which complemented the serene feel of the lake

You could see the mountains from the lake, very majestic

Then the "adventure" or rather the "search for flowers" begin. I was getting antsy, all I see were trees that looked like you can get from anywhere with no placards naming what type of tree it is. So, we started exploring....

Climbing futher up, still, this is what you see.....

One last picture of the lake

While walking, we saw many campers that pitch their tents up. I promise you and I am not joking, you only see grass, a few trees, rocky roads and thats it even after walking for one hour!!!!!

So...I started taking pictures of trees that looked remotely interesting to me. A tree shaped liked a christmas treee

A small bush with a few scattered flowers which took me half an hour to find..My first bunch of flowers!

The lady at the counter told us beforehand to walk to the next parking lot because there was a tree with blooming flowers. When she told me that, I was thinking, Why would she say that???? I am sure, there are many trees with blooming flowers!!! Guess again? These were the only ones!!!!!

And then you even see big, brown trees....

Our long journey back to the start. Now you believe me right???? Grass, rocks, green trees...... It's a forest! Jasmin and I wore the wrong footwear because I almost twisted my ankles walking on the rocky gravel path!

This I have to say is beautiful

I am sure...after reading this post, you know where I stand in this particular "botanical forest"! If you are with your family and want to go for a picnic or to camp, I definitely suggest going there because the atmosphere is very peaceful up there. BUUUTTTT, if you are like me wanting to see pretty flowers, please do not go there because that is the only thing you won't see! If any of you know any REAL botanical gardens here, please let me know:)

After that, a cup of tea at starbucks! I was warmed up by this lil picture! he he....see I told you, it doesn't take much to make me satisfied and happy!!!

Happy Valentine's day to all of you:)



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"You know me, I get excited over pretty things."

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