Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christmas Wish program


Before another person asks me the reason why I am sick, I have decided to post pictures and explain to you my predicament for the past two days! Last Sunday which was approximately two days ago....I volunteered to help a non-profit organization called the "Christmas Wish program".

They basically help homeless children by conducting educational programs(e.g., summer camps) and providing resources for them to go to school with. This time around, we were asked to help them collect donations to help these children buy tennis shoes. I am sure..you are wondering "why tennis shoes?" of all things. They explained to me that in Hawaii, children are not allowed to join physical education without closed toed shoes, can you imagine these homeless keiki(children in Hawaiian)???? They have to sit out physical ed. every single time and they just get to watch. They already have low self esteem as it is because they are poor and now, they can't play with their friends in school!!!! Such a horrible rule btw!

Anyways, when they asked me to participate for this cause, I eagerly agreed because one of my main goals is to help homeless, abandoned and abused children. However...............when I arrived there, I realize that it is not your run off the mill asking for donations(e.g., sell cookies) but rather you literally stand on the side of the road near a traffic light and hold a net to ask for money. It was really interesting, you wouldn't think people would donate but many people did:) Kudos to these kind souls! Here are some pictures of what I meant!

Megan instructing us on what to do

Getting into positions

Just started! waiting for cars to drive by

I was really lucky, when I first came out with my net and sign, I already received a dollar!:)

Me in my horribly mismatched outfit! This was the only cap/hat I had!!!

The flipside to that day was I got home.............and a few hours later...developed a soar throat...and the rest is history! I have been sick for two whole days....I was wondering at first, how did I get sick????????? no signs, nothing????And i realized, I probably got a heat stroke from standing directly under the scorching sun without shade or water for two hours!!! I am such a weakling :(

Peeps in Malaysia, don't be shock by how people asks for donations here. It is definitely feasible over here in Hawaii..not so sure about Malaysia though..do you think people will donate or just stare at you like you were crazy???????hehe.....

Here is a link if you would like to know more about this organization!!



benlim said...

Eventho ur sick, I'm sure you'll be suffering with a smile on ur face :)

Well done choo. *prouds

Anonymous said...

MEI-be you got sick from eating caramel apples. PS: notes, please. thank you.

Mei Sze said...

ahaha...actually I wasn't sick yet during the volunteer program, it was after:(